The Kitchen Design Can Be Yet Stylish And Functional At The Same Time!

Stylish and functional kitchen design: that’s the way!

Are the main requirements for the modern kitchen: you must be at the same time stylish and very functional. The absence of even one of these aspects makes them unsuitable for modern use. What do we? How can we bring both under a hat? Find the answers to these questions in the following lines.

Kitchen design – ideas on how you combine functionality with a modern look

elegant kitchen design kitchen cabinets light flooring

Imagine the practical work in the kitchen

How to start with the kitchen planning? First and foremost you can imagine virtually, you work in it and cope. There must be enough tread and everything must be in close proximity and close at hand.

In short, you will like to cook in a successful modern kitchen and receive your friends there.

Kitchen design in white with open Wall shelves

kitchen design carpet runners open Wall shelves

Includes fast access necessarily but to the stowed dishes. You must use it easily wash and pick up again.

Everything must be so very well considered in the modern kitchen and how you achieve that – in addition, the modern kitchen design offers several options. The possible stylistic device options are many, they should just have this checklist in mind and follow some basic principles.

Maps, practical and modern

interior design ideas modern functional secrete food areas

No clutter in the kitchen! It must not be easy!

The disorder is an absolute taboo in the kitchen. If you plan, consider especially, how you can reduce to the minimum any possible mess. You need enough storage space and this should be strategically distributed. That should fill the open shelves with dishes, looks good and is properly displayed, or but you should hide all unnecessary sight.

Combine white kitchen cabinets with blue mosaic

white kitchen design kitchen cabinets blue mosaic

So that these two conditions are met, most home designers aspire, to achieve a seamless look through the kitchen cabinets. The closed kitchen shelves are increasingly popular, placing a high value on their mechanisms and in addition it waives possibly accessories and fittings.

Wooden kitchen furniture for the kitchen

living ideas food lovely wood texture colors stylish combination

Considered the materials from their functional perspective

Even the materials are functional in a modern kitchen. You should focus the attention on the major storage areas and not just simply beautiful look. Still, they should be easy to clean so that you can focus on the essentials in the kitchen.

Modern kitchen with plenty of storage space

living ideas food modern kitchen furniture floor tiles

Less is more

Equip the kitchen with a few multi functional objects. Maybe can you provide the inside of a cabinet with magnetic surface and there take a portion of the container?

The work surface that you use in the preparation of food, could serve in between as well as dining area.

Fancy kitchen island, which can be used as a dining table

kitchen design modern kitchen island grey floor tiles ideas storage space

Make the room cozy

No matter whether large or small, the room should feel comfortable. In the narrow kitchen you use mirrored surfaces, which do everything at the same time open and bright. You can take the large kitchen again comfortable due to the wide and functional surfaces.

Mirror surfaces lend a sophisticated look

home ideas kitchen fancy chic kitchen island set up floor tiles

About decorative effect

In a modern kitchen, everything seems practical and decorative or any decoration with some functional task is loaded. The surfaces can reflect the light and even more spread out the room. There you can use some culinary herbs, which introduce definitely also a green touch to the ambience.

Herbs are a beautiful decoration in the kitchen

dekoideen home ideas kitchen herbs

Fresh decoration for the windowsill in the kitchen

home ideas kitchen herbs dekoideen windowsill

Herbs on the kitchen wall hanging

home ideas kitchen frsich kraeuer wall decoration

What ideas would you add it?

The Scandinavian-style kitchen set

kitchen design grey white

Bookshelves in the kitchen

kitchen design-open Wall shelves white grey

Very simple lines and stylish colors

kitchen design modern food modern kitchen island ceiling floor bellow wood

Unite kitchen island and dining table

kitchen design modern kitchen island bar stool beautiful wall decoration

Open Wall shelves offer genuine lots of storage space

kitchen design modern food open Wall shelves

Beautiful flooring and modern kitchen lighting

kitchen furniture white kitchen design modern kitchen grey floor tiles

Use bright colors for kitchens

kitchen design modern functional cozy

Modern kitchen with retro look

retro kitchen design elements kitchen table

Mount wood Wall shelves in the kitchen

kitchen design Wall shelves wood storage ideas

Cool geometric figures leave the kitchen modern and attractive

kitchen design-white furnishings geometric accents

White furnishings and wood look

white kitchen design kitchen cabinets flooring beautiful window

Decorating the kitchen

home ideas kitchen decode carpet runners white kitchen cabinets black kitchen rear panel

Accents with wood

home ideas kitchen functional kitchen kitchen island dining area

Accent wall with murals

living ideas food small kitchen set up white kitchen cabinets murals Strip

Create a stylish ambience

home ideas kitchen freistehnde kitchen island white walls

Combine white and grey in the kitchen

living ideas food modern kitchen design purple sofa

Design a chic kitchen

home ideas kitchen modern kitchen island bar stool wooden floor

White kitchen set

home ideas kitchen white kitchen kitchen island

Enough space, practical furnishings and modern look

home ideas kitchen white furnishings modern kitchen island lots of storage