The Nursery Set Up – Tips And Tricks

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nursery set up baby bed canopy stuffed animals chest of drawers wardrobe

What should you have to keep in mind if you want to set up your child’s room

With the anticipation of the baby, the room must be set up in time. Young parents who are expecting their first child, are often uncertain, what is necessary in the child’s room and what things should be applied. We give a brief overview of the main points.

Parents should ask a fundamental question: we want to set up the nursery with non-toxic furnishings that have a higher price, handles on the other, but not with toxic substances? So, for example, solid wood furniture is a very nice alternative. Ecologically processed furniture are processed only with natural paints and colours and are equipped with a corresponding environmental badge. Also the housing climate is positively influenced with natural wood. High-quality furniture are long-lasting and very robust, and can either be purchased second hand or be resold later. And as the children quickly grow out especially in the first years of all their stuff and new must be purchased, this consideration is worth.

nursery set up COTS lattice rocking horse shelves Dresser wardrobe carpet wall stickers butterflies

Also the color choice plays a large role for the small family. Blue or pink – the eternal question. Who wants to wait until the birth with the knowledge of the sex, just gender-neutral establishes the nursery. The many small details in blue or pink colours are added later anyway as a gift. But many parents put no value today and may ask the family to neutral gifts in terms of sex. The market offers a huge range of beautiful furniture, lamps and wall decorations, so that a boy or a girl here will feel themselves.

nursery set up baby bed white green wall color curtains wardrobe

What furniture play an important role in a child’s bedroom?

For the first months, the cot, the drawers and the closet are the heart of the room. Great attention should be given to these three pieces of furniture.
The bed should be safe in every way to handle virtually and if possible also made of ecological materials. The classic cradle is possible for the first few weeks or months. In fact, the slight rocking calms the child and can sleep here wonderfully. Some models are mobile and can move easily from one into the other room.

nursery set up baby bed canopy poster bed bamboo Scandinavian design chair

Then the crib of the classic among the crib is the same. Here, the little ones are comfortably and safely. Typically, the floor height is adjustable. In the first months, especially if the child still does not alone can sit down, the floor is mounted centrally. Later, this is set down, so the child never while standing can fall out. The bars provide security but also a good air circulation. Again, most beds are designed so that a part of the rods can be removed later. Some COTS have an intelligent design: you can be rebuilt and expanded and develop from cot to cot or even a desk. Such furniture is ideal, in order to save money for new purchases.

nursery set up baby bed boy sleeps

Go for the daily diapers and the arrival and undressing of the child is perfectly the drawers. It is inherently higher than other furniture and offers plenty of room with multiple drawers for shirt, rompers and spare diapers. A heater that is mounted at a safe distance has proven successful. So the small even when the body feels at home.

Kinderzimme set up baby bed wood compartments stool DIY ideas wooden boxes plywood wall decoration bear

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