The Patchwork Fabric Is Your Interior Design Great Spice It Up

Posted on Mar 05, 2015

patchwork fabric fancy Chronicly beautiful interior design ideas

The patchwork fabric and its role in the interior design

What is patchwork? The term comes from different, brightly colored fabrics. Because it’s works made by hand. Where substances of different types in a common piece are sewn together. At first glance, this technique appears too complicated some people. In some people, she in turn inspired Miss confidence, because she seems much too arbitrarily.

Unusual sofa bed in the living room will attract everyone’s attention

patchwork fabric great sofa living room interior design

If you but learn it properly to deal with these prejudices, then you could create something very interesting from a patchwork fabric for your home. Flash objects in patchwork style can decorate an any indoor environment.

Patchwork parlor carpet

patchwork fabrics home living room carpet

Colorful cushion make fresh interior design

patchwork fabrics Chronicly beautiful decorating

Ceiling for the living room or bedroom

That would be the first option. You could decorate the bedroom or the living room sofa with a great blanket. First, so that you take no risk, you could represent for example the idea on paper. The best you can do this in real size. Then you could try before sewing, how the whole thing will work.

Patchwork combine ceiling and patchwork cushion would be not a bad idea

patchwork fabrics living room recreation corner blanket cushion

Patchwork blanket in the bedroom

patchwork fabrics bedroom ceiling coloured interior design

If the work is successful, it could somewhere probably also serve as decoration. You do not necessarily have to do this preparatory work. You can imagine only the result from this patchwork. So you will be sure, that the results will be good.

Two-sided ceiling

patchwork fabric beautiful ceiling bedroom

The selection of patchwork fabrics

In the first step, before laying out the paper model, you would have to have selected of course the patchwork fabrics. Here is everything with your imagination. The various pieces could absolutely differ. You could but may have many common elements. Both options are equally acceptable.

Combine fresh patterns

beautiful interior design ideas patchwork fabrics combine

The form

It is important to know when the patchwork fabrics that the various pieces in the form may differ much from each other. The classic choice would be the rectangular. But certainly you could opt for a triangle. The latter is absolutely just to your taste. In the process of creating the patchwork would be then sewn together substances. Then you would have to iron them from the back. You could provided the ends with a degree that might be too dainty. Think of foam for example.

Patchwork Chair

patchwork fabric fancy sofa interior design

The patchwork can also very elegant look Chair

patchwork fabric armchair beautiful interior design ideas

Triangle pattern

Chronicly beautiful decorating patchwork fabrics interior design

What can you provide all with the patchwork

Ceilings made of patchwork – fabrics are what we have said now. They are also quite popular and modern. The ceiling could have even a dual purpose. Thus you could cover themselves of course. At the same time, they would serve as a great decoration. If we are just for decoration, then these may be represented in the room also in other places and in other dimensions. Also great fun pillows for the sofa or chairs in all possible areas that could be. In all cases, they will bring much good mood with him.

Use the same pattern for the blanket and cushion

patchwork fabric living room Cushion cover elegant sofa

It noted that the work on the other sides of the cushions may be different. You can then customize this to different interior design. Good maybe even in different rooms by different patterns the decorative pillows with patchwork motifs would be fit.

Two-sided cushion are practical

patchwork fabric cushion two-sided fresh pattern

Applied versions it manages to blend the classical models of sewing with patchwork patterns. In many cases, you could get great applications. Add great design items.

Where can you get so patchwork?

You can also bring patchwork actually everywhere. Currently, everything related to your mood and setting. To make all pieces of the furniture thus. In other cases you could make easy funny a meal by matching Cup covers and napkins.

Great patchwork bag

patchwork fabrics using original bag

Stylish patchwork parlor carpet

patchwork fabrics colourful carpet of beautiful living ideas

A gorgeous patchwork stool

patchwork fabric of comfortable colored stool

The patchwork carpet writes itself perfectly into the living room Interior

patchwork fabric living room Interior carpet cushion

Patchwork Dekokissenbez├╝ge, where it has combined gepunktes, floral and Plaid patterns

patchwork fabric cushion points checkered floral elements

Use different fabrics for the quilt

patchwork fabrics beautiful interior design ideas Chronicly

Such cushion are great decorating idea for your home

patchwork fabric fresh Chronicly decorating

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