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design ideas bedroom recessed

Select the proper lighting for your bedroom

The lighting of a room is fun and challenging at the same time. The range of light installations and infinite selection, design styles and bright shades Captivate and inspire us. Yes, choosing the right lighting often turns out as a tough task with which most people are not very fine. What looks so plain, has many levels of complexity. Our houses are often ultimately fully with the wrong lighting. Very often that happens in the bedroom, where you can see different types of lights that are used without any particularly good knowledge and lead to such results.

Make shine your bedroom

lighting bedroom interior design ideas

So that you choose the right lighting for the bedroom, you must understand the basics of the art of lighting and combine them with the theme of the bedroom and the color palette. The bedroom must ultimately look like a personal paradise, which is at the same time dramatic, soothing, romantic and functional. That hangs together with your needs, and also with the time of day. The lighting is of key importance for the assessment of the mood in many situations. Here are some simple, but important advice, which will take you to the right spot.

1. the size is important

The first and essential aspect of the selection of lighting in the bedrooms is with regard to the optimum size. You should decide for luminaires, which are able to brighten up every single corner in the room and in the correct manner. Usually by placing too many lights and, it is hoped that these extensive detailed planning to reflect. Actually reached the opposite most of the time. The room looks too bright and others – too dark in some places. Even the sculptural accessories such as the chandelier that you choose must correspond to the proportions of the bedroom and the surrounding decoration.

To set up the great bedroom lighting

bedroom lighting ideas chandelier floor lamp

Golden chandelier

great bedroom lighting design ideas bed

2. a brilliant stylistic statement

Your Shalfzimmerbeleuchtung must reflect the design and color theme, which you have integrated with as much attention and care. Then you will have a room that is great and takes elements from the Royal style of Hollywood. The cascading chandelier is a great centre piece. Can you maybe take a completely different direction and opt for a minimalist lighting? Pull then simple, built-in lamps in combination with slim wall lights into consideration. The Serge Mouille Lamp, who get to see you here that represents the ideal choice. You can also add a cool hotel room character by opting for chandeliers, which show a traditional charm.

The Oriental style bedrooms

Oriental-style bedroom lighting ideas

Warm lighting creates comfort

modern bedroom ideas warm lighting

3. multiple levels of lighting

The best thing you can do is to add several layers of lighting and to combine this with a perfect designer look. Each room, which is elegantly decorated, can include such. Me is not an option, known through which you could replace this design. Ambient light determines the General aura of a room and the focused light illuminates specific niches. Accent lights make it possible to highlight the subject, which serves as a central point in the room. It could be a modern fireplace, or a great work of art. All three types can be combined, to give your bedroom a truly ravishing appearance.

Fireplace in the bedroom

lighting combination design ideas bedroom

Modern ceiling lights

original lighting bedroom ceiling ornaments

4. innovative bed fittings

This kind of facilities have shown a great development in recent years. Unique pendants and chandeliers were replaced by traditional table lamps. These new and subtle additions free space and give you the option to remove the tables. You also offer you can easily drop the book that you have read before going to sleep.

In small rooms, these tables may contribute to a lack of space for additional decoration. That doesn’t mean but far from the table lamp obsolete or redundant.

Original bed fittings are as to perceive accessories

magnificent lighting bedroom wall decoration ideas

Identical tables with duplicate table lamps are a great way to bring Visual symmetry in the room. Just because it is a traditional approach in the design of the room, it doesn’t mean that you have to throw it out. Sometimes this timeless, well proven and tested method may give you very much.

Stylish chandeliers

lighting design ideas bedroom chandelier

5. you play with the ambience

A unique lamp, which presents your bedroom in a completely new light is dimmer. You can convert complete mood thanks to that with a touch of the button or the screen in the room. With this technology, the possibilities are almost endless. Next time, if you want to read a book in a meditative mood, you must change only the light and not the room. While other types of lighting above all comply with light, the dimmer has a secondary function. He brings different kinds of mood and ensures the fancy equipment.

Recessed lights work dramatically in the dark bedroom

design ideas bedroom dark colors recessed

6 decoration with lights

Do you know what most of us mistake during the installation of lights? It is the aesthetic and all the other practical aspects of ergonomics. Do you want because a chandelier, which simply exquisite looks? But are you sure that he at home will look just as good for you as in the showroom? Will it work well, if you add other layers of light. It is important to remember that ultimately you are looking for the right lighting. Not think of decorating with lights as on a main purpose.

Warm colours and original decorating

lighting ideas bedroom warm colors

Do you have a sparkling chandelier or gorgeous pendant, which also offer a great lighting? If this is the case, then you are on the winning side. If you are not sure, check it: drag the lighting, the intensity and angle under which it works. Until then, you might consider the lamp as a unique sculptural addition to the room.

Type ceiling lights

innovative design ideas bedroom ceiling lights

7 the flow of colors

I don’t know whether it’s the color of the lamp shades or the bulbs themselves, but a small change can change the whole atmosphere in the room immediately. Warm and fuzzy white lights provide a sense of purity and peace. They are also suitable for passionate romantic evenings and nights. Brighter lights have the ability to enhance the grandeur of the room and to make it much more enticing. Lamp shades can also be used to make more meaningful to a specific theme or color palette.

Was the bedroom carried out in General in neutral shades? Then, a simple change of colours of the lamp shades can contribute to successfully add of a new accent shade in the area.

Matching colors get more flavor in the room

bedrooms modern ideas colors purple

Here is still an important detail that you must consider when you are planning the bedroom: the placement of the light in relation to the sockets and switches. The last, what you need to worry, is the wiring. The decoration and the lighting in the bathroom, your main task should represent to express your personality. That should happen in a pleasant and enjoyable manner.

You already know some simple secrets of great bedroom lighting. Remember this if you are looking for the right lighting!

Soft colors in the bedroom

bedrooms modern ideas Rosa Weiß

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