The Secret Of Feng Shui Colors Reveal

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Feng Shui colors Baroque style Dark Violet Fotor collage

Feng Shui colors in interior design

We have written a lot about the principles of Feng Shui on our blog. Which are the main lines and rules in this ancient philosophy and how can you in the garden for example, implement them. Today’s Feng Shui colors and their effect in the Interior. Feng Shui is based on the balance of energies of the surroundings and of the individual, where it concerns the external elements such as shapes, sounds, scents and colours.

Traditional Japanese interior design

Feng Shui colors traditionally Japanese

Each color has its specific energy and charisma. The colour vibrations exist continuously in every area of our life in a fine way. According to the Taoist belief, the colors are pure energy and this affects directly the human organs and their function not only on an emotional level, but also at physical level. If the colors are pure, they nourish the bodies and promote the metabolism, and if they are not clean, they hinder the natural flow of energy.

Harmonic contrast in the living room

Feng Shui colors black white classic living room

According to the art of Feng Shui, the colors of the clothes or the environment match with those of the mental state of a person. The light reflects on a color and flows just as the Chi energy, which affects the personal attitude to the environment and to life in General. A color is as rather Yang classified if it is intense and as more yin, when it presents itself lighter and more subtle.

Feng Shui bedroom with Yang charisma

Feng Shui colors bedroom masculine Yang shades

Living room with Yin energy

Feng Shui colors of open living plan white couch Orange pillow

The importance of some Feng Shui colors and their implementation in the interior design

So, for example, blue for these spaces is preferred, in which one learns, intellectual works or carries on creative activities. This colour is tenacity, perfectionism, permanent evolution and new beginning. The turquoise shade, however, is more likely to recommend, because this peace, serenity and quiet strength gives for the bedroom.

Pure freedom as it is in heaven

Feng Shui colors turquoise walls bedroom

The colour is purple Majesty, maturity and experience

Feng Shui colors Baroque style Dark Violet

It fits perfectly to a bedroom in the Baroque style, for the premises of seniors or simply by people who feel themselves as mature and dignified. The color green is the ultimate setting for your child’s room in contrast. They not only balancing acts, but symbolizes the reawakening of nature, the germination, the spring force and the hope for the future.

Create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere for your loved ones

Feng Shui colors nursery Minzgrüne walls deep pile carpet

You can enjoy the soothing effect of green color in the bathroom

Feng Shui colors of green bathroom ergonomic bathtub

It is even scientifically proven that orange and Apple green arouse the appetite

Feng Shui colors light green orange white high gloss

According to Feng Shui, red for fire, happiness, glory and power stands

Feng Shui colors red walls living room

Feng Shui writes perfectly in the modern interior design

Feng Shui colors living room Apple green nature

Fresh orange accents are for the senses as the morning coffee for the spirit

Feng Shui colors living room light green Orange

Subtle colors and precious natural materials

Feng Shui colors living natural subtle

If you want to create a sunny temper themselves at home set on yellow

Feng Shui colors living room sunny yellow walls

Yin and Yang in a perfect balance

Feng Shui colors Yin Yang dark wood white color

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