The Small Studio Apartment In A Fashion Designer

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the small studio apartment very colorful Mediterranean pattern pillow

The small studio apartment by fashion designer Gretchen Jones

Gretchen Jones says that the 50 square meter apartment in New York City was not love at first sight. -She has seen potential but because the ceiling, hardwood floor, imprint and fireplace. Each centimeter has painted them – with wallpapers and collections.

Look at the apartment

Who lives there: Gretchen JonesLocation: Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn, New YorkSize: About 50 square meters; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

As the owner of a larger apartment has moved here, she should pack a 2-bedroom apartment in a 2-room Studio

the small studio apartment in original suitcase end table

This combined living, dining and home office room has a high ceiling and enjoys plenty of natural light. Jones spends most of the time there, so that the room can you safely many overtime.

The room is full of meaningful things, such as the Lasso, the knife, and the veteran flag from their father on the fireplace

the small studio apartment small fireplace long curtains with wave patterns

If you collect popular things, then you would be a good match.

One could use the color to form a unified composition

the small studio apartment large glass bottles of braided basket

Besides tapestries and cheaper jewelry, Jones collects art

the small studio apartment wall art lemon yellow and pastel blue

On this dull green wall she has designed a gallery, where two works hang by her best friend, Ian Kennedy,

the small studio apartment many pictures and personal items

Pressure: Feather red Ian Kennedy,

The tiny kitchen with the cherry wood cabinets caused Jones with a contrasting wall color

the small studio apartment cherry wood kitchen equipment

The paint is acid green for a warmer and more inviting feel.

The most difficult part in establishing this apartment was the lack of Windows in the bedroom.

She has very light grey painted the room so it looks bigger

the small studio apartment American flag behind the bed

She has designed a storage area on one side

the small studio apartment Häckel tip and soft furniture design antique

Bed is the living room now before the stained glass Windows, überschauend, so that a little daylight in.

Since the adjacent room can be seen from every corner, Jones wanted to create a symbiotic flow from the room to the room.

The colors in each room were complementary and contrasting, so each room has its own importance, and fits the general feeling

the small studio apartment tribal pattern day blanket

Since there is lack of space, the exhibition of the possessions was also difficult.

Here Jones combined their books and Sun glasses for a funny show on the dresser

the small studio apartment variety of glasses and booksJones will be dear second-hand as they buy new mass products. She is fond of flea markets and often visited antique shop outside the city.

Beautiful discoveries have always place at home, says Jones

the small studio apartment with Prairie hint

Jones likes to work with natural materials and is involved in save the garment Center, an organisation for the rescue of New York City as a fashion capital of the world.

The work as a fashion designer has helped Jones as the extension to the world in their ways to look at the rooms

the small studio apartment Russian wooden doll Babushka above the fireplace

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