The Sofa As A Protection And Decoration

To select the right sofa cover

You need no special statistics to find out that the sofas are the most used pieces of furniture in offices and in every home. They forcibly take a representative function in the interior design. Serve as the starting point of this concept, or play a key role in.

Correctly select sofa cover

living ideas living room sofa cover Tan floor vases

The form, as well as the textile and the ornaments play a very important role in this respect. Today, we focus on one of these aspects and on the appropriate selection of upholstery. This article can serve as a guide for the selection of the right padding.

Sofa cover noble blue makes a beautiful impression

living ideas living room blue sofa cover coffee table comfortably

Combine fresh pattern with beautiful cushion

sofa reference modern living room Plaid blumendeko

Protection of furniture

Keep always the main function of the sofa cover in the head. This is to protect the piece of furniture. What dangers there at your home the most?  Is often poured out water, do you have pets or children? Are cracks may occur?  Depending on what damage are most likely, select also the right sofa covers. There is a big difference whether you need a texture, the piece of furniture only protects from dust or whether she should reject also the humidity.

Leather cover for more elegance in the living room

sofa reference leather cover-bright carpet dekokissen elegant

New decoration

The reason for the selection of the new sofa cover may be the desire after a decorative redesign of the area. You can turn this prestigious piece of furniture and forgoing the expensive new investment. The actual costs are a very strong argument. Why you need to buy new furniture to give your room a new look?

Scandinavian elements

living ideas living room sofa cover strip, carpet-cool lamp

Easy-care sofa covers are preferred

The sofa covers extend the life of the furniture pieces, by protecting them from dirt and damage. They can however perform their function well, they must be very easy to clean.

You should regularly maintain also the sofa covers

sofa reference white elegant living room set

More heat

Inside the House we need more heat in the winter. The references are a type of clothing for our furniture and providing more comfort on cool days. Since you these references not all year long use, you have it even with their care easier. In the spring, at the latest, you can invest in a professional cleaning and stow the sofa covers in the closet until the next season.

Beautiful patterns bring cosiness in the room

living ideas living room of sofa upholstery pattern enveloping dekokissen

Stylistic considerations

The selection of the right sofa cover is of course also with the style, you want to have in your room. They can be very simple and neutral or somewhat retired. In the second case, you are able to transform the aesthetic appeal of the area so completely. A minimalist living room through the sofa cover and a couple so that corresponding accents can be a rustic room.

Customize the colors and patterns

living ideas living room sofa cover floral pattern

Spice up the bright pink sofa covers by beautiful cushion

living ideas living room light pink sofa cover pink walls floor cushions

Some practical care tips

At the end, we would give you some practical tips. You should carefully take off the sofa covers from the sofa. To avoid the risk that they be extended break or unnecessarily. Select to wash an especially gentle program and would rather cancel the automatic drying. Choose a sunny day for it so that the cover must remain not out too long to dry.

Looks very stylish this sofa with the sofa cover

sofa reference living room set up mild colors decorate

Longer beautiful keep the sofa

sofa reference green pets children protection

Animals could harm the furniture

sofa reference small sofa living ideas living room

Leather gives the room a box style

sofa reference Leather Brown living ideas living room

Make yourself comfortable country house sofa cushion and ceilings

sofa reference beautiful living ideas living room sisal carpet plant

Sofa covers, and cushion for more comfort

sofa reference white cozy wooden floor plant

Chic and practical

sofa reference gray stylishly rustic wooden tables

Dark colors are more practical than light

living ideas living dunkkler sofa upholstery fabrics pattern black

Fresh zig-zag pattern

living ideas living room sofa cover-zig zag pattern

Sofa cover with decorative value

living ideas living room light blue pale yellow wall color white

Quite simply, but with important protection function

living ideas living room light grey sofa upholstery carpet pale yellow walls

Sofa covers are functional and beautiful home accessories

living ideas living room sofa cover bright living room cream

Fresh, stylish, modern…

living ideas living room sofa cover-grey grey carpet plant murals