The Sofa Right Select Fabric – A Few Tips And Tricks

Sofa fabric – first steps for selecting a suitable material for your sofa

Two are the most important factors, which is the selection of the material for the sofa upholstery of particularly great importance. First, you need to make a practical decision: choose a fabric that is properly adapted to your needs in practice.

Choosing fabric sofa and integrate with the interior design

modern sofas of matching sofa fabric interior design ideas living room

Do you have kids and pets at home? Then you need clearly a durable fabric. This should be about yet also easy to clean – he should be the most resistant to stains. Washing should be no problem in the washing machine.

Sofa fabric – the variations are numerous

sofa fabric gray sofa carpet dekokissen geometric pattern

If you are adults only, then you can select something, what is noble and sensitive. You can continue to enjoy as a luxury, if the sofa in a representative room is placed, not too often comes in use.

Leather sofas are an elegant, yet practical solution

sofa fabric brown leather sofa dekokissen elegant carpet

The other aspect is of course the aesthetic. The sofa should enroll in the style you selected fabric. What does to mean exactly, changes with time. The mixing of different styles is more current than ever before. So there is almost always a way to integrate the sofa you selected in the interior design.

Include chic living room sofa in the modern ambience

sofa fabric modern design chic beige

Durable upholstery fabrics

The so-called micro-fibres are the absolute winner among the hard-wearing fabrics. You have to owe this great ability of its thickness that allows for no protection articles.  The load of the sitting is thus received multiple fibers and deformation and other damage occur more difficult.

Choose colored fabrics for more mood

modern sofas acrylic black white blue dekokissen pattern

Draw light blue sofa in recital

modern sofas sofa fabric rayon blue living ideas living room

Create very bright Interior

modern sofas polyester sofa fabric home ideas

On the whole, but all synthetic fibers have similar properties. The synthetic fibres include polyester (PES), viscose (CV), acrylic (PAN), polyamide (PA), polypropylene (PP).

Wool, cotton and linen

Under the natural products, we want to highlight above all wool, cotton and linen. Even though you have not the same practical advantages of artificial substances, they are still often preferred. You make the Interior warmer and more comfortable.

They also characterized with a low allergy potential. Linen is particularly valuable in this respect. This material is very resistant, it can be sucked hard, what sets it apart from the others. Continue to blend the lines included it can be found on the market. Pairing the natural characteristics of the lines with the durable nature of some synthetic fibers.

Interior design ideas for a homely living room

modern sofas grey sofa sofa fabric white carpet

Cotton is perceived by people with sensitive skin as very pleasant, in contrast to the wool, which can be experienced as scratchy. All natural substances absorb water quickly, can also dry. You can be colored somewhat more difficult, limiting their use in the design.


Ultimately, we would arrive at this popular option for the sofa fabrics. First we would like to draw attention to the following ways: you can choose between leather and artificial leather. These in turn have their own sub-groups. Genuine leather include aniline leather, smooth leather, semi – aniline leather. The first option is the most precious, because it shows a rough, natural character. But this stuff is very sensitive to dirt and is recommended only in rare cases for sofa cushions. A lot of effort deployed in the smooth leather in the production, however, so that traces of injuries disappear and the fabric is even resistant to stains.

Elegant black leather sofa corresponds nicely with the brick wall

modern sofas black leather sofa-beige carpet dekokissen dekoideen

A mixture of the two is, as the name implies, the semi aniline leather. Hereby get a higher protection against dirt in the variant with the very authentic structure and still not quite lost her beauty.

Select the right sofa fabric by the whole design concept

sofa fabric home ideas living room wanddeko bumendeko

For many home owners, faux leather is no compromise at all. It contains the so longed-for aesthetic of natural leather, because now admit that the technologies of production. It is important that no animals were killed while many inhabitants. Stains can be also removed it. Major disadvantage, however, is that it quickly cracks can form. Basically, leather must be protected from heat and light.

White living room furniture and bright wall decoration

modern sofas White leather sofa-gray carpet beautiful accent wall floor tiles

Finally, we want to advise you on the possibility of using sofa saver. You are a good compromise. Pull this over the fine piece of furniture, so that it is protected from stains in everyday life. For important occasions, you can impress again with the original fabric of the sofa.

Save the living room sofa in front damage

sofa fabric sofa saver light grey housing ideas living room

Comfortable corner sofa

sofa fabric beige corner sofa fireplace storage

Fresh combination of colours

modern sofas sofa fabric beige carpet contemporary interior design ideas

Living room in shades of yellow

sofa fabric modern sofa yellow decode floor lamp

Pay attention to quality and comfort when choosing

sofa fabric modern sofa Fireplace stone wall

Stylish and functional corner sofa

sofa fabric Brown corner sofa beautiful flooring

Bright living room furniture and plants form a fresh whole together

sofa fabric living room set up bright decor plant

The open living plan, you should look at the living room set-up on all areas

sofa fabric home ideas living room areas more open living plan

Create a nice ambiance in your living room

sofa fabric home ideas-living room-beige carpet