The Spanish Wall Comes From China

Spanish wall Amanpuri Desing Thailand collage

The Spanish wall – history and application in interior design

The Spanish wall, also known as the screen is one of the most romantic home accessories at all. Timeless and elegant it is always in vogue. Despite the naming, the Spanish wall comes actually from China and more specifically from the times of the Han dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD). Her first role was exclusively as a windbreak. Later it was acquired by the Japanese, which have implemented a completely different design. Because screens were covered rather simple and with rice paper.

Petite Chinese drawings and masterful wood carvings

Spanish wall precious wood carving Chinese drawings

With their arrival to Europe the Spanish wall has made first her magnificent appearance on the Royal courts of France and Spain. Richly decorated and covered with velvet and other fine fabrics, the screens were used as privacy and as a dressing room for the nobles. Their frames were masterfully carved and impregnated with gold and silver.

The magnificent Spanish walls in the Rococo-style date from this period

Spanish wall Rococo style luxury

This proud privacy has enjoyed continued his journey. In the Victorian era in England, the Spanish wall was just as popular and used very much like the rich. But also in middle-class homes was more often to see the screen.

Beautiful floral pattern and masterful drawings decorate the walls

Spanish wall Victorian style dark wood floral pattern

Also the screens that come from the Orient and India are no less stylish and elegant. You with stunning wood carvings are characterized and are reminiscent of delicate lace fabrics.

Flexible and virtually has become the Spanish wall still trimmed. In the 19th and 20th century design in a different direction has evolved. She was always simple and more natural colour painted or covered with white linen. Today many interior designers love to insert the screen in their designs and projects. So for example Spanish walls minimalist style are very hot and perfect writing in the modern interior.

Soft charisma in the Shabby chic style

Spanish wall vintage antique design wooden ornaments

Do you have already a folding screen at home? How about a chic privacy screen in vintage style for your bedroom? Or do you rather prefer the far eastern flair? We leave you the choice.

Floral elegance from Thailand

Spanish wall Amanpuri Desing Thailand

Beautiful antique from the far East

Spanish wall Chinese design drawings antique

Artistic creation in the Directoire style

Spanish wall Directoire style drawings

Rustic room divider with a Moroccan flair

Spanish wall folklore pattern stained

Modern design for real Paris-fans

Spanish wall photo of design Paris motif

Chic, French design

Spanish wall French design floral pattern

Minimalist and demanding in purple

Paravent modern design purple mirror

Colorful neo-Baroque atmosphere

Spanish wall partition wood filigree drawings

History elegance in silver

screen Raumtrenner screen metal silver lines

Stand on the 50’s atmosphere?

Spanish wall simple design vintage

Or do you rather prefer the proud Union Jack?

Paravent Union Jack motif

Palatial gold

Paravent golden Baroque ornaments

Vintage meets industry

Spanish wall vintage design drawings oval profile

Soft texture and smooth shades

Spanish wall vintage upholstered beige