The Traditional Home Renew – A Few Skilled Operations In Color And Shape

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traditional home to renew kitchen dining table flowers

Modernize the traditional houses through the trim (or vice versa)

Bridge the gap between old and new by a few skilled operations in color and shape.

People can get a totally different vision by matching earrings or a chic watch. The same effect can be created by a beautiful decorative strip.

Think of the color on the details and small accessories. You can make the real difference. Look at exactly all Windows, doors, mouldings, and “Small things” in your home and think of a possible change.

Bridging the eras and combine the best of all. You can see here some example of this type.

The first figure represents the question: How do I do this fine transition between the past and the future?Renew the traditional home

traditional home to renew Valances window bathroom

Here we see a fine mixture of black Rod factory and a picture frame made of white-painted wood. So here was a traditional and yet fresh style.

Now every single detail can be interpreted depending on the point of view as traditional or modern

traditional home to renew trims kitchen wood

The picture frame in the simplest form can appear the window completely modern. But then one is confused by concluding with the laterally applied moulding. What is now dominant: traditional design or the modern aesthetic?

Also the French Casement Windows show a balance between modern and classical music. Single large panels would provide much more traditional feel in this room.

The individual skirting here show an execution in Bordeaux and is a successor of the traditional Victorian pieces at the same time

traditional home to renew mouldings door wood

It was supplemented up with panelling and the traditional handles above. At the same time, the absence of ornamentation and Rechtecknut are a sure sign of the modern.

The beaten floors on the next figure are connected to the walls by very simple skirting boards

traditional home to renew transition corridor

This detail actually reflects the whole idea of the design in the House: the traditional four-leaf doors are surrounded by flat strips. That is absorbed simply in the skirting board.

The reduktionalistische approach has led the transformation of this modern form of House in a modern design to the traditional bar

traditional home renew transition floor fresh color carpet

traditional home to renew kitchen countertops in the reference to the remains to feel settling-in period continue to

Now we are to the cabinets in the kitchen go further

traditional home to renew kitchen dining table flowers

Expand the combination of modern and traditional frame style by the Shaker-style.Here, we have to do with a very modern interpretation of this style. You have doors with wonderful corner attacks. Still, the higher proportion of the doors is very wide. So reaching the modern appeal of this very classic style.

In the next illustration, we see a more modern interpretation of the traditional Shkaer style. It has a shallow bar at the top and no details in the base area.

renew traditional home bedroom bed

A flat bar in the depth of the wall surface and the fast-disappearing window frames make for a more traditional appearance in the modern room.

In the outer area of the House, the designers have combined the traditional very effectively with modern style

traditional home renew veranda railing

More specifically, one has here to do a veranda equipped with columns with wooden railings and a ceiling with tongue and Groove.

The railings were reduced to their simplest form. The columns are also very simple: you have a square profile and very simple base.

Do you have a House with traditional broadcast, where you however current era don’t want to lose the reference to the? Hopefully, you can achieve this combination of advantages through the suggestions in this article!

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