The Venetian Blind Control And The Smart Home

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Automatic shutter control saves time and energy

Blinds or shutters? Ask yourself this question in any case from the beginning. The right decision is connected mainly with the purpose. Need only Sun and privacy or want to save themselves equal to also heat, sound insulation and burglar protection? In the first case, blinds will certainly suffice. In the second case, but shutters would be the better choice. But the good news is that no matter what you decide, you can control everything in a smart way and save time and energy. Intelligent Venetian blind control is only a small component of each smart home system such as, for example, this from Loxone.

By means of the Loxone mini Urvers and of course the Loxone app adjust easily and quickly not only completely automatically your blinds control, but also your whole home. With standing up, the blades are pulled up or simply so positioned that they let through only the necessary amount of light. The window will automatically open and the fresh air pours in. When you go jogging, Loxone provides smart home system for turning off not only the lighting, but also the right of all devices, you do not need at the moment, and also their stand-by function. In this way, it saves precious energy and sustainably reduced power consumption.

Automatic shutter control by Loxone

blind control automatically loxone smart home systems app

The clever Venetian blind control of Loxone goes so far that it provides additional burglary protection at night by the blinds are closed automatically. In a possible storm, however, the blades accelerate immediately, so that the window is not broken.

Loxone provides you with the necessary dose of freedom and security simply for your home and all from anywhere.

No matter where you are, you can best organize your four walls according to your specific needs and personal preferences. Via iPhone, choose Android, Tablet, or the browser – it alone.

For more information, visit the Web site loxone or watch this video:

An app, a Minisurver – many benefits

blind control automatically smart home loxone

Control your entire home at your fingertips

blind control automatically smart home ipad tablet

Save time and energy!

blind control automatically loxone smart home loxone

Ensures optimum lighting conditions in the room

blind control lametten white aluminum sunscreen

blind control automatically loxone smart home system app

Sun blinds control automatically privacy protection set up living room

blind control automatically smart home systems of android ipad iphone loxone

blind control automatically privacy white plates aluminium bedroom

blind control automatically smart home fins sight protection sunscreen

blind control automatic sun protection of privacy living room

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