Through The Roof The Character Of Your Home To The Best On The Market

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God is in the details

When there is talk of architecture, the details are very important. You define the whole. The ceilings are one of these important details. The way they run, having the style and character of our homes over the centuries certainly. The ceiling provide character and taste in houses. You have a similar effect for me like the pearls on the T-Shirts. Also it is a style of architecture from the other.

Project: New border inside

Why should you make it: If you want to beautify your room character, or change, the ceiling for more character will contribute. The effect will be personal, with a stronger identity.

Transform the look of the House through the roof

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Do you have a room that is too plain and unadorned? Then you have here plenty of room decoration and embellishment. Let us look at a few styles and the elements which distinguish them from each other.


I’ll take here Boston as an example, where this style is distinctive. Here, the painted wooden gates are really typical and distinctive. A specific impression of the character of each form. For example, you can watch this at the venues of the ceiling and the walls.

The following charts illustrate how many different items in use come to achieve the effect, which characterizes a particular style. Variations are as varied as the number of Meißner and architects, which interpret these elements and they are always with these in combination. This one has so many different styles.

Border in Victorian style

border statement schema

In this picture, you have the opportunity to carefully consider the Victorian ceiling mouldings. This blanket is made up of several such, and only together they can achieve the desired effect. Picture frame, as you could previously see’s on the image, are very popular in this type of houses. The window and door casings also consist of two separate borders.

Here you can see a very detailed ceiling, which here has a trimmed edge, which is surrounded by a black border. The great design of the foot bar also has shoe models. These help to bridge the gap between the base and the floor.

The machine Foundation serves as the connection point of the foot bar with the door frame.

Former House in Victorian style

door wood

Here you can see a detail of the former Victorian house. A panel can be found in the lower part of the wall. It consists of trim and panels.

Colonial style

wall borders mirror Red walls

Colonial style

Maybe you want to move a high-contrast appearance for your ceiling into consideration. Reaching one in this traditional equipped room. The wood works are emphasized and the proportions are very strong.

Explanatory scheme for colonial

ceiling borders statement schema

Colonial ceiling can sometimes have about crown molding which see the Victorian are similar. But you see, the effect is different in places where the details within a classical structure will be implemented. In this case we mean the classical cornice with brackets Kymation, Corona and mould (in descending order).

The housing has a simple split ceiling “Back strap”. The baseboard has beads details at the top and the whole thing ended with a cover profile.

Georgian style

ceiling trims in white and green

This picture here shows the effect of crown molding in a house in the Georgian style. The ceiling strips are very similar to what was shown in the recent figures.


seating area by the window red sofa fireplace


Also this style is well known for its wonderful and detailed items. Funnily enough was the original idea, to simplify the traditional architectural features and to modernize. There are many variations of this style. In this image you will get a combination, which for craftsman houses very typical can be seen. The Crown has a Cyma, which is very typical of the classical architecture, has very much to do but also with the Victorian and colonial variants. The borders around the doors and Windows are usually very simple and flat, have plain edges, though the header lines often come into usage. “Stop” is called the thin border and the base of the upper part and the upper part of the door frame.

Craftsman style statement

schema blanket statements

In some designs, there are also base. In other cases, it has extended the door trim straight and flowing to the ground. You have a door drop here though, but it has completely refused at the same time on the details. There is only a very simple border.

Back to the present

wide room fireplace shelves table

Contemporary fashion

ornaments on the ceiling sofa pillow


Here we see a gorgeous, contemporary House, which seems to revere the history of casting forms as such. The monochromatic walls bring down simple skirting boards and strive for great details. Simple tracery window make this room a very formal level.

Memory of the Gothic architecture

Rnamente ceiling round table fireplace rug

The ceiling profiles in this room is an excellent impression. The serious character of the ceiling is reminiscent of Gothic architecture. In this style, one has very precisely defines the forms, in order to achieve this effect.

When should the border in use come

These are particularly useful when if your home already has a ceiling, but not inscribed in the general architecture of your home.

Who should you hire

Many people can handle very skillfully sawing and woodworking machinery. If you are, then you need very probably no help. So many different books with instructions can be found on the Internet. In this respect, you get enough support.

This is also a wonderful job if you have a lover that can contribute something to the beautification of the House happy. If there however many details, panels and boxes are in the planned construction, you should contact a carpenter or Builder, who has much experience with this type of work.

The understanding of classical architecture and the appropriate implementation of the installation is an art in itself.

Gorgeous looking

ornaments on the wall of small sofa floor lamp TV

Duration of the project:

You must pull the complexity of the project into consideration. In small spaces, you can install the ceiling within a week. A skillful person needs perhaps to a week to complete a larger room, which has many details.

If you have panels and panels and one very detailed space, then the builders needs maybe a couple of weeks for completion.

Permission: It is very unlikely that you need any special permits. We have to do that very strongly reminiscent of painting with a project here.

The best time for the completion of the project

You can perform all year round as a project and complete it successfully. However, you should dodge the seasons may make you feel not uncomfortable in front of your guests. The dust and disorder may disturb you and the visitor.

First step:

Carefully study the architecture of your home and determine the borders, which might be suitable for this.

If you carefully carry out this project, the effect will delight you in the long run.

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