Tile Cleaning – Tips On How To Clean The Joints And Seams Between Tiles

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Tile cleaning – so you effectively clean the joints and seams between the tiles

The tiles are a very easy-care and practical building material and therefore be used, where the cleaning the hardest falls most people just in the bathroom. In principle, the tiles make easier maintenance in the bathroom. What’s with the seams and the seams? This is clearly more complicated, unless you know the correct methods for this.

Tiles clean and beautiful longer keep the flooring

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Here are some tips, which make the bathroom cleaning again.

What kind of pollution, we have to do it?

First, we must carefully consider what the pollution of the tiles actually is. Then you can choose the correct cleaning method.

Tile cleaning – tips and tricks, as it maintains the tiles

tiles cleaning tips and tricks

At home tips and tricks cleaning – you need to know

living ideas cleaning tips tiles grout clean

Characteristics of the material

Tiles with larger pores collect more dirt and this complicates the cleaning afterwards.

Contamination in the kitchen

The tiles in the kitchen are permanently exhibited the spray with fat and liquid. You need a suitable cleaning agent with which you deal with this problem in this case.

Maintain beautiful kitchen tiles

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Fouling when renovation work

If you fix something at home or carry out reconstruction work, tiles and other materials this can be heavily polluted. Sometimes, their cleaning is really expensive.

Water spots

Clear: Bathroom and kitchen are used very extensively. There is a lot of water and accumulates lime and formed different stains which are not so easy to remove.

Frequently clean the bathroom tiles

tiles clean beautiful floor wall tile design ideas

Methods of dirt removal

There are different methods of dirt removal, which come into question. Let’s look at these in groups!

Mechanical cleaning

Brush or toothbrush

Take a rough bristle brush. The major such are not always most comfortable when dealing with the joints. By the way, you could take even a toothbrush. You can clean the tricky places it with active and rapid movements.

Use a suitable brush to clean the tiles

living ideas cleaning tiles tips brush


Some dirt can be removed with a knife. Be careful, however, not to damage the material.

The mechanical cleaning methods are very effective, they may but not so often applied. Because they may damage the surface of the tiles and that affects their quality in the long run.

Be careful not to damage the surface of the tiles when cleaning

tiles clean tips badezikmmer tiles

Special funds

How often are the special chemical cleaning agent used for cleaning of the bathroom? The strong active ingredients can penetrate easily into the pores and other tricky points, to remove the dirt from there.

Today, there are many cleaning products for the bathroom. Be aware that these products could – be quite harmful for your health and for the environment itself however.

Use cleaning chemicals mainly if the contamination can be removed by nothing else. The need of the use of chemical substances can reduce to the minimum the regular mechanical cleaning and this with the natural cleaning products.

Homemade recipes

Quite a few products that you have in the kitchen anyway, can be used for the cleaning of the tiles. You have a strong effect and be harmful but not your health and nature.

Homemade cleaning products could harm health and the environment

living ideas cleaning tips floor tiles clean

Washing soda

Mix washing soda with water and clean the joints and the seams with the gained mass. However, underestimate not the aggressive effects of washing soda. We begin gently with clean and see the initial effect before you continue.


This is a different, very effective means for cleaning tiles. Use 70% percent essence and resolve them in equal portions of water.

Vinegar is also an alternative to chemical cleaning agents

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Combining the various means of

You can mix washing soda and vinegar. Go through with this washing soda mixture and then add some shine by the vinegar your tiles.

Home remedies you can achieve a beautiful effect

Housing ideas planting cleaning tips floor tile


Not only the tooth brush and tooth paste helps to clean the joints between the tiles. Distribute them to the appropriate locations and after half an hour rub. Then abundantly rinse with water and wipe thoroughly.


For the cleaning of the tiles, and also of the joints between them, you can use alcohol. Maybe you will disinfect the environment.

Do you see the difference?

tiles clean bathroom tiles mosaic

Floor tiles should be cleaned more frequently

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