Toile De Jouy Fabrics – Fresh Colors And Stylish Patterns For Your Modern Home

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toile de Jouy fabrics solid in black and cobalt blue

Toile de Jouy fabrics for the modern interior

Not everyone knows the name toile de Jouy, but right when you see them, come the toile de Jouy fabrics a very well known and familiar before. Toile is material in French and Jouy stands for the place of manufacture Jouy-en-Josas in France. Traditionally, toilet consists of many delicate, repetitive patterns on a white background. Very often these are also dramatic, historical scenes and hunting motifs. The design itself has its origins in Ireland and has rapidly to England and France spread. Particularly the French have style fell in the toile de Jouy and adopted it as its own.

This beautiful chaise lounge makes for more comfort in the bedroom

toile de Jouy fabrics open wall shelf comfortable reclining

Although toile is very often associated with the rich, rustic style of living in France, the style is not obsolete. Quite the contrary. Many modern designers show strong interest. The new, more refined versions of the substance are a great help. Bed linen, curtains and even wallpaper have been reworked and made suitable to the contemporary style of living. The new motives vary from scenes from Brooklyn, London or Stockholm to send, abstract patterns in bright shades. Toile de Jouy reflected the racer is either way.

The Eames Lounge Chair and toilet – an elegant pair of Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

toile de Jouy fabrics Baroque chairs Eames Lounge Chair

Unique eclectic with toile by Vincent Greene architects

toile de Jouy fabrics old Lantern pendant

The traditional toile pattern were always the country life or mythology. The applied colours were blue and red. Other patterns or colors were only in very rare cases. This trend has changed completely in recent years, as already mentioned. Creative designers offer today toile de Jouy fabrics in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Who says toile de Jouy has gone?

toile de Jouy textiles Sea Blue decorative pillow

You can get your very special motifs on the fabric even after request. Toile gives not only an original look to your home, but will bring the luxury and the refined flamboyance, which were already so popular with the French aristocracy.

Watch the great patterns and colors and new meet toile de Jouy. Maybe you consider for quite some time what you would still miss your residential facility or a little bit different design.

Fleet combination of gray and cobalt blue in the living room of Sealy design

toile de Jouy fabrics floral pattern on Chair

Discreet curtains bring additional sophistication

toile de Jouy fabrics chandeliers with metal construction circular

Antique modern with toile meets touch

toile de Jouy textiles bedspread in grey

Plaid pattern and toile curtains – why not?

toile de Jouy fabrics of Plaid rug black white

For real aesthetes with special taste

toile de Jouy fabrics Queens cushions and couch

Colourful and casual at the same time

toile de Jouy fabrics Navy Blue Cardinal Red and yellow

Toile wall decoration is always something unique

toile de Jouy fabrics wall decoration dramatic scenes

Wallpaper with toile butterflies

toile de Jouy fabrics wallpaper with butterflies

Solid neutral colors

toile de Jouy fabrics square pillow

Eye-catcher – cobalt sofa with velvet padding

toile de Jouy fabrics retro sofa with Navy Blue upholstery from velvet

Modern comfort and toile decorative pillows

toile de Jouy textiles rug led flat-screen

Tulip table and lemon-yellow sofa – TAS construction

toile de Jouy fabrics traditional cabinets

Mid-century flair – photo by Andrew snow photography

toile de Jouy textiles wallpaper minimalistic Dresser

The Red toile window rolls are warming in the white bathroom

toile de Jouy fabrics window roll in red with hunting motifs

Relaxed ambience in an English country house – Dewson construction company

toile de Jouy textiles black Rattan seating furniture sisal runner

Floral toile pattern in black in an elegant bedroom

toile de Jouy fabrics black white pillows and curtains

The successful combination of curtains and cushion ensures pleasant contrast

toile de Jouy fabrics of modern fireplace cushion in white and grey

Pink and cream yellow – for real princesses

toile de Jouy fabrics pink checkered head and foot part

Vintage reloaded for connoisseurs

toile de Jouy fabrics freestanding vintage bathtub

Fabulously comfortable

toile de Jouy fabrics open beams neutral color palette

Understated bed linens with toile in red

toile de Jouy fabrics rustic bedroom stone

Eclectic with its distinctive character

toile de Jouy textiles Persian runners before the fireplace

Very classic and welcoming

toile de Jouy fabrics of round wall mirror

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