Traditional White Farmhouse Kitchen – 15 Cool Interior Design Ideas

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traditional white country kitchen lighting shine

Design your kitchen in a strange way

Whenever we present kitchen in the country house style, we imagine this cast iron sink with two draining areas, kitchen island and the open shelves, we have seen in the apartment of our grandparents.  This sink from the 20s, that everyone loves and which look so nice the entire kitchen. We have also a carpet that we can roll back to a kitchen mat. There is much more of this, offering a rustic kitchen. Look at yourself down these details!

Today we show you a 15 traditional, white kitchen in the country house style . You are inviting and can leave the interior design in any environment will look different. Enjoy the transformation of a shabby room in a beautiful kitchen – homely, comfortable and absolutely functional, without spending a lot of money, you can set up your dream kitchen. Take a look at the pictures below!

Traditional white country kitchen

white country kitchen glass doors kitchen cabinet

Originally, this kitchen had a dark, paneled, split space with little daylight.

Beams on the ceiling

white country kitchen wood flooring

Marble counter tops and Tile are simple, but sophisticated, Carrara absolutely attractive and striking. Attached dining areas and glass doors offer plenty of space where you can hide items.

Built-in ceiling lighting – window between the upper cabinets

traditional white farmhouse kitchen sink window

These are some of the most beautiful kitchen cabinets, which we have seen. Stunningly designed this home in Salt Lake City.

Green wreath completes the atmosphere

white country kitchen glass doors wreath

A wreath made of boxwood adds a fun touch to a snowy white kitchen in Orlando, Florida.

Comfortable kitchen chairs with high backs

white country kitchen dining area kitchen stool

The polished housewares nickel and the window bars on the kitchen cabinets along with the hanging lamps add glow while the finer details layer effect to the prefabricated wood components a n Add.

Low stool in gray without backrestwhite country kitchen bar stool grey

The kitchen itself is gorgeous, but notice these hanging lamps and how great they look. The highly reflective shadow and industrial Assembly can appear very attractive.

The kitchen cabinet color antique white is named and very well complemented the kitchen island and the floor covering. You seem to be the perfect combination.

Lush furnishings – attractive chandeliers and patterned covers

white country kitchen patterned fabric upholstered chairs

A new kitchen and a bathroom remodeling by John Kraemer & sons designed. This very glamorous renovation is located in St. Paul, MN. We want to live here!

Airy, comfortable kitchen design

traditional white country kitchen glass ball drop light/pendant

Another example combines some housing styles with remarkable illumination. Floor made of wide boards, bar stools and kitchen surfaces show contemporary, traditional and modern elements.

Metallic accents add extra shine

white country kitchen tile kitchen rear panel

Although this style tends to be the most expensive on the market its classic effect lasts for generations. The added door located in the cabinet frame – typical kitchen cabinet doors outside the framework.

Kitchen island in the middle of the room – marble surface

white country kitchen bar stool black leather

The kitchen is redesigned with white kitchen cabinets by Crystal and bespoke color of the kitchen island cabinets.

Timeless and simple rural

white farmhouse kitchen sink marble surfaces

Kashmir white granite, bright white kitchen cabinets, silver household items, stainless steel appliances, plank ceiling, white ceiling fan… Rustic look

Hanging lamps above the kitchen countertop

traditional white country kitchen marble pendants

The white color is a modern touch the kitchen, while the pieces of furniture, accessories and the whole architecture of the tradition are rooted by you give a transition style of the kitchen.

Kitchen rear wall – mixed tile

traditional white farmhouse kitchen window wall

This kitchen is excellent the kitchen surfaces. Great color combination and breathtaking views.

Dark wood flooring

incorporated traditional white country kitchen ceiling lighting

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