Trendy IKEA Furniture 2017 – Just Throw A Glance In The Latest Catalogue!

Trends for 2017 at the IKEA furniture

In addition to the furniture trade fairs, there is still a place where he can watch the latest furniture trends for the usual consumer. This is IKEA. What sold us the furniture of this company for the tendencies for 2017?

IKEA furniture are characterized by their eco-friendliness

ikea furniture are environmentally friendly

Kitchen front made of recycled PET bottles as an innovative and environmentally friendly idea for your modern kitchen design

with ikea furniture, you will find everything

There are many pieces of furniture from recycled materials. Their elegance and modern look make them appear not as a compromise.

Retrospective is based the new design concept by IKEA

new pieces of furniture at ikea

This classic and stylish design takes us back to the beginning of the 20th century

one shelf in the industrial style

Furniture industrial style are user-friendly, practical and modern at the same time

very many new offers from ikea

The IKEA furniture 2017 offers us a retrospective of the first decades of this century. You will find a number of pieces of furniture in the industrial style of the 20s. Their flexibility makes them however due to many universal Eclectic furnishings concepts.

IKEA furniture – practical steel structures for small spaces

new bathroom shelves

IKEA 2017 surprised us with yet more practical steel structures. The flexibility is particularly striking.  It consists not only in the materials used, which would fit to several premises, but also in the type of installation. Many can be installed free-standing, as well as on the wall.

Adaptable modular concepts

2017 also very many new modular concepts can be found at IKEA. You are not more so strongly focused on the kitchen, but can be used also in other premises.

IKEA furniture combine the best from different eras

ikea newcommers new designs

Upholstered furniture with a modern design have been associated with heat and therefore contribute to the comfort of your home

new and old intertwine

Like you access at the upholstered furniture to retro styles. However, combining these aesthetics like with a high level of comfort.

IKEA furniture – practical textiles

shower curtain in the bathroom by ikea

The practical fabrics, especially for the bathroom are another trend at IKEA.  They offer protection against splashing water and have a high decorative value.

Combined storage space

There are several practical systems for the design of the storage space. With the new trends at IKEA we must not choose between them. Often we can combine them also.

A practical storage space with an innovative design

keep ikea furniture at home

IKEA furniture provide you enough storage space for your valuable things

How can I keep everything at home is

The new IKEA trends make the everyday household tasks easier and convince by the elegant and at the same time simple design

new ideas and design concepts idea

Small allegedly unusable spaces and corners the trendy IKEA furniture fit perfectly in

new shelves ikea moebel

Storage space home design by ikea