Unique And Creative Ideas For Stairs

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modern stairs design decoration

Attractive stairs as eye-catcher

If you build a House that will have more than one floor, you will certainly need stairs.

What associations evokes the word “Stairs” to you? Let me guess: you think of a base stair construction, which would build even a five year old.

But why go you not further?

Creative deal much with the question! To help you, we will show you today 25 unusual and creative designs. So you will move between different floors with style. We wish you much fun with scrolling!

Modern design ideas for stair design

stairs with storage space interior design

Storage space under the stairs

The storage of coats is often a difficult task. But this is not true for this unit under the stairs which storage area offers. The extensive wardrobe sliding doors can bring in use both hooks and clothes rails.

Make sensual steps

modern stairs shapes white walls

Modern stair designs

creative staircase design ideas white Brown

Sensual staircase design

In this case, the stairs is an expansion and intensification of simple graphical base bar lines, which make their way through the House. Here, the area becomes a kind of cavity in stair construction. Expand is like a ghost, which was left out from the lamp. He stops at the wall, from there he bends, splits and forks. It forms a delicate edge on the steps of the staircase. You rises up in the air like a veil over the balustrade. (designed by the Atmos Studio)

Wooden stair treads

wooden staircase design interior design modern

Original stairs

creative design ideas for stairs

Stair treads

Here we see a staircase, which was designed for a private residence in Stockholm. It dates from the year 2006 and is created by Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom. (Designed by TAF was).

Black and white floating staircase

floating staircase black white

High floating staircase

high suspended staircase black white

Floating staircase

This floating staircase connects the living room with the private sector, which was reserved for the home owner directly under the ceiling. It was designed by ecole.

Tree – terrain

one-off stairway design ideas tree

Tree steps

Here, a beautiful tree metal serves as grounds.

Integrate stair slide

wood spiral staircase with slide

Spiral stair slide

This is super funny variant of the staircase, which will make the children very happy.

Rainbow design

Rainbow stairs Interior ideas

Regenbogenhaus – stairs

Here, we have to do with a magical oasis on a noisy line full of people. When you enter the main entrance, you reach a universe of fun, colour, movement and sensuality. The “normal” world remains behind your back. (Created by from Rogers)

Staircase with beautiful ornaments

Emmentale stairs interior design ideas

Red accents in the background

Emmentale stairs white ornaments red accents

Emmental stairs

These stairs were created by a young and talented family. They have an exquisite Designgeschmack and an eye for the details. Still, the whole thing should fit wonderfully to comply with her two children. You started with the renewal of their apartment. They wanted to build a staircase which inscribes itself seamlessly in the remaining historical ambience. This should also give an extra touch to the living room. (Created by Biljana Jovanović)

Red and white staircase

unusual ideas stair red white

Unique staircase design

red spiral staircase with decoration

Blood vessel stairs

The House is a machine of life! Do you like this comparison? It has inspired the home owner for this design here!

Designer staircase made of stainless steel

attractive stair steel ornaments

Stainless steel stand at Villa La Roche

Here, we see the work of a French architecture firm. It has created the Villa La Roche in Rochebaudin. She was wrapped in an irregular battle of stainless steel. (created by archiplein)

Spiral staircase in the Barbie business

spiral staircase interior design ideas red decorating

Barby shop in Shang Hai

Spiral stairs embrace to the eight hundred Barbie dolls. (designed by Slade architecture)

Stairs to the attic

attic stairs wood Bookshelf

M lofts

The floating staircase was thought of as a perfect unit of functionality, structure and form. In terms of functionality, the staircase is comfortable, safe to climb up and space effective. The open sides of stairs provide comprehensive and well-positioned handle positions. (Created by nC2architecture)

University steps

New York University stairs ornaments

New Yorkler University treppen

Here we see the result of the complete renovation of this coming from the year 1890 building on Washington Square. She was from New York University Department of philosophy carried.

The concept of the new room turns to the light and the phenomenal properties of the material. The new staircase writes vertically into the 6-storey building. It shows a porous shift of light and shade, which changes depending on the season. It has a prismatic film attached to the South-facing staircase Windows. Occasionally these break light. The result is a prismatic Rainbow. (Designed by Steven Holl Architects)

In the library

wooden staircase in the library

Staircase in the library

library staircase Bookshelf books


This has come up with a team of designers. Their customers were physically restricted. You have therefore merged the idea for a staircase and a library. The stairs made of English oak are completely surrounded by books. (Designed by levitate Architects)

Grinding metal staircase

creative designer ideas staircase

Of curved loops

modern stairs from metal Interior


The concept of the delicate, slightly curved loops has been selected here for good reason. The main reason was visibility from the main living area of the House. The staircase was created from thin metal layers. Pairs of adjacent stairs were shaped by oblique external bar pages, small chambers are anchored in the walls. The pressure is fed through the bottom stairs. (Designed by HSH Architects)

Beautiful staircase

grand staircase of white levels

Godzilla stairs

A feeling of infinity gives the room the ambiguous spatial constraints, together with the luminous flux through the hidden window.

Step boards from skateboard

unique stairs skateboard boards design

Stairs from skateboard decks

These are stage sets, which I created for our skateboard school. The beam created from solid aluminum. The steps were made to measure with a concave shape only at the one site. You should show the faces of the students when they get dieTreppe down.

Assemble glass and wood elements

contemporary stairs interior design ideas

Contemporary look

contemporary stairs design stone wall

Staircase in Northampton

Here we see a staircase, which glass and wooden details combined

Urban design ideas

original interior design ideas staircase

Loft 27

The concept of “Black and white” was the basic idea for the radical new design of urban apartments in the North of Graz. Modern designers have completely transforms this apartment dating back to the 1990’s. Now this is a multifunctional attic that serves as home and Office. The owners feel the apartment as a perfect blend of functional and extravagant design, but others consider it too tart. (Getaltet by Schlosser and partner)

Integrate storage space

stairs with storage space bookcase

Stairs with storage area

Here we see a creative method by which you gain more space under your stairs. (Designer unknown)

Slide for the children

creative interior design stair slide

Slide next to the stairs

On request of the children of London Atchitekt, Alex Michaelis has installed a Ruscthe next to the stairs. The whole thing is located in a fairly new environmentally-friendly home.

Innovative stairwell decisions

creative interior design stairs wood

Staircase in the home of the National Olympic committees of the United States

The staircase and the reception table symbolize the dynamics of the sport. The first object, what one gets is the “introverted” table with the never final column. Then there are the “Extrovert”, so exposed stairs. You are like an open way to Olympus. There, the Summit looks to his own reflection to meet. You will remember that the quest never comes to an end and that the human achievements and opportunities know no bounds.

Extreme staircase in white

decoration ideas extreme stairs white

Extreme staircase for outdoor use

creative exterior design ideas outdoor staircase

Extreme stairs

Designed by Sabina lang and Daniel Baumann

Coloured wood strips

modern staircase white floor

Type of stairs

ultramodern stairs strips white ceiling

Wood strips

These are great stairs, which were created for an art school in laminated wood. Some of the wood strips were cut, thus achieving extra momentum.

The spiral staircase

spiral staircase wooden white floor

Spiral staircase

From above and below, a wood grain ensures high-contrast change. A set of fine-grained structure creates a contrast with the regular rhythm of the common stair design.

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