Unique Collection Of Concrete Wallpaper – Designer Solution By Tom Haga

graffiti blue laughter cheerful collection of concrete wallpaper

Unique and original collection of concrete wallpaper

The concrete walls are pretty grey and fit perfectly to the minimalist and industrial style of living. But they have the disadvantage that they are acting very cold. The designers have found the perfect solution – wallpaper by Tom Haga. With their help, a rough and at the same time cosy look will get your interior. These wallpapers can be used in every room of the House. How to reach determined a discreet industrial effect. In the bedroom and the kitchen concrete wall-paper will bring a touch of elegance and aesthetics. This collection has been inspired by the concrete walls of the buildings and even the graffiti in some villages of Norway. If you want to create this eccentric rough atmosphere and emphasize the minimalist style, then you choose your appealing decor of this collection.

Original and specific dining room interior – design by Tom HagaUnique collection of concrete wallpaper

unique collection of concrete wallpaper dining room nature element grass

Minimalist living room design with grey wallpapers, which interact with really cold and extravagant

collection of concrete wallpapers pillow candles still image

White velvet sofa, black leather chair – modern pieces of furniture in an industrially designed living area

unique collection of concrete wallpaper pillows of round decorative table

Silver, State of the art floor lamp and chromatic corner sofa in the room with concrete wallpaper – real respectively

unique collection of concrete wallpaper black leather table lamp

Simple, but original and modern kitchen design – black wall covering

collection of concrete wallpaper black screen white modern

Set designer solution – living room with style and character

unique collection of concrete wallpaper living room Golden Pendant

Combined old fashioned and modern pieces of furniture and decoration elements in the living room with concrete wallpaper

collection of concrete wallpaper grey hanging velvet sofa living room

Akzentuierender orange Chair in grey living room

Orange chair comfortable original concrete wall-paper hanging chandelier classic grey curtainssnow white, sparkling dining furniture in the minimalist style fit perfectly to the cold-looking concrete wallpaper white glittering dining furniture concrete wallpaper LCD TV modern original