Unique Garden Ideas – Creative Choices For Your Home

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ideas plants living room decorating garden ideas

Garden ideas for indoor and outdoor use

Sometimes, a small dose of surprise are sufficient to bring the House design to a completely new level. Are you looking for such unexpected items and special for unconventional solutions to garden design? Or maybe you have waived so far on this due to the limited area? Then you are right here with us!

We recommend you to check the images below. There you will find interesting garden ideas, special touches and unique Heragehensweisen in the garden design. These are used in many different areas.

You will find here probably Sol vertikele garden design as well-growing plants in very tight spaces.

Beds and boxes

We want to start with some srategischen ideas for flower beds and boxes? Below we built this to counter height. You are super fit for people who do not bend over while gardening. For its construction used natural wood.

DIY plant Beete

plant beds from wooden garden ideas

Is your yard very small? Or you have none? No problem! Then include a garden in the Interior. Flowerpot inside represent unexpected design elements and are immediately to the Rotary and pivot in the interior design. [According to Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]

Indoor garden ideas

ideas plants living garden ideas

An internal garden bed passes seamlessly into landscaping in this case here. So, you reach an epic and peaceful feeling. [according to ZEN Associates, Inc.]

Zen Garden

garden ideas outdoor Zen Garden

Growth in the vertical direction

Would like to vertical gardens? This unique presentation of plants is becoming increasingly popular. Just people who seek space-saving design, are particularly intrigued by this idea. For example, you can place like here, pots with spices on a wire mesh.

DIY vertical garden

vertical garden vegetable garden ideas

In the vertical garden can accommodate indoor plants in a great way. This is true particularly for the cases when there are also natural light. Created by Claire Zennecker, this garden consists of wooden panels, Rohrschelen and of course – glasses.

Jars – vertical garden

garden original jars garden ideas

Like the vertical gardens, but do not feel like it, to make yourself one? Don’t worry, because there are also those which can be completed.

Garden ideas in the kitchen

vertical design ideas garden garden ideas

Love to read about garden projects? Then certainly did also to the idea of making a garden made of pallets, or? I think that this is a great method, old material again in use to bring and you? So, man also great solutions creates character with a rural meets to modern. While you can build as many different plants in these palettes gardens! [image according to dinner on the farm]:

Vegetable garden from pallets

DIY pallets vegetable garden garden ideas

Garden designs for small areas

Now we come to one of our favorite species for cultivation of plants: garden design. I love it, because it can be associated to the smallest area to use. Take for example simple hanging plant containers into consideration. These could be created a compact garden with vegetables.

Hanging vegetable garden

DIY hanging vegetable garden garden ideas

Here, we see a small garden which was created completely from Bordeaux wine boxes. The seamless look of the plant container makes the whole thing appear stylish. The small dimensions of the boxes make possible the positioning in different places. So, even if not enough space in the yard, you could accommodate easily also somewhere else this.

Allotment from Bordeaux wine boxes

vegetable garden small wooden garden ideas

Even though the Garden located on a terrace, you should not underestimate the great effect of a handsome metal container. They are such the perfect setting for modern arrangement as with Succulents. Look at this great blend of plants and sea shells. So skulpturell and beautifully compact, isn’t it? [according to Glenna Partridge garden design via Houzz]

Modern decorating

garden ideas interior design ideas outdoor decoration

I love also the landscaping with dishes and you? Super fast, you can convert a table area into a mini garden. Margarittagläser and cacti below are the ingredients of modern design.

Garden design with tableware

party glasses plants Interior ideas

When it comes to tea garden design, virtually nothing can be too modest. Sometimes, very small solutions are most effective. [according to Beki Dawn Photography for better landscape and gardens]

Dish garden design

party plate decorating plants Interior

… Ah, the air plant containers! We love this also. They are ideal for indoor use. You can group them and it then becomes a small garden. He looks then especially great with interesting plants containers. Below, we see such a great solution designed by Shane powers, which was created for West Elm. Great air garden vessels, or?

Air plant container

garden ideas interior design ideas of hanging garden

Innovative and creative gardens

We offer some innovative garden ideas at the end. You will be an unforgettable element in your indoor or outdoor use. They also represent proof that the best results can be achieved by the “head set” of an idea.

Garden solutions for indoor or outdoor use

DIY vegetable garden outdoor garden ideas

Has your exterior window? No problem! The French designer Barreau & Charbonnet made a window garden. You thereby increased the space and have found a healthy solution for the development of the plants.

Make a window garden

DIY vegetable garden terrace garden ideas


How great is this “Green House” dog house, which has been manufactured by Butterhead Greens Cafe? Is this not a great way to maximize the opportunities? Also be live so that our friends really with style! More information on Svannah morning news.

Dog House ceiling – vegetable garden

Hundhaus ceiling vegetable garden garden ideas

At the end, we want to show you this picture of creative garden spaces. One is thereby reminded that creativity in different ways can be made. Check out simply the garden as a blank canvas for many different ideas. This substances, rocks, and other great items can make a big difference.

Creative garden spaces

garden ideas outdoor path stones plants

We, wish you a lot of fun by Freshideen team for your personal creative design!

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