Upward Go: 10 Amazing Innovative Steps With No Handrail

Editor   July 10, 2013   Comments Off on Upward Go: 10 Amazing Innovative Steps With No Handrail

amazing stairs steps pending step black steel

Go upstairs: 10 amazing innovative steps with no handrail

We are thrilled by amazing sets of stairs. Maybe it’s the never-ending symmetry or maybe it’s the fact that some sort of effort is required to move their length, but there is a sense of continuity from the past to present great staircase design. Escher trends by pseudo spiral staircase of 3XN architects and the splendor of London City Hall to modern minimalism of the Ecole steel treppen and the log cabin feeling by Alberto Mozo creation gives it a flight of the imagination here and something for everyone. Upgrade?

Neo – spiral staircase by 3XN architects

amazing stairs neo 3XN architects wound

Abstract stairs by EM2N Architects

amazing innovative stairs abstract black railing

Brick Dachbodenhaus in Singapore by farm creative

amazing innovative stairs white railing shelf books

Floating staircase by Siller

amazing stairs steps wood glass

Three stair design by Siller

Azzolini stairs step railing glass

Innovative staircase with glass railing

floating stairs Siller design original novel

Striking and novel at home with Designer stairs

stairs modern design level glass

Hanging box stairs home tone

amazing stairs box home bloomstone

Block stairs by Alberto Mozó

amazing innovative stairs wood rustic Alberto Mozo

Longchamp store stairs by Heatherwick

amazing stairs Heatherwick

Stairs in the Lello Bookstore

amazing innovative stair balustrade abstract pink surface

Stairs from London City Hall amazing innovative stair construction London City Hall

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