Vinegar And Voila: The Eco-friendly Cleaning For Your Home

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eco-friendly cleaning for your home living room table sofa next table

Eco-friendly cleaning for your home

Many house owners want to live in an environmentally friendly manner and at the same time to secure a healthy environment for their family. Looking for more green ideas for their daily lives.

Represents a priority for you also brushing with eco-friendly products? Here you can draw ideas from the history, because it has used such products from the spread of the chemical industry. Probably, you already have these environmentally friendly means in your cupboard. Certainly, you have the product’s point today, and namely the vinegar.

The vinegar is very effective and it can find a wide application

eco-friendly cleaning for your home water lemon

While it costs little money really. You need to mix some vinegar with a glass of water and add in a bottle for spraying.

You could make the most of the places in the House successfully clean. In addition, only the very hard areas could clean then with other tools.

Concerned on the basis of distinctive smell? No problem: As soon as the vinegar is dry, the odor will disappear immediately.

Bathroom: Here you could clean everything with vinegar!

eco-friendly cleaning for your home Cabinet sink wipes

For the floor and the toilet, you could apply the above mixture. The places with the stubborn water stains, you should use in addition some more SOAP and to then apply the vinegar solution. Everything in washbasin and shower comes away with some rubbing.

If there is a deep shit, then you should make the following mixture:

Two tablespoons lemon juice 250 ml, ¼ glass vinegar, ¼ L of hot water and 2 tablespoons Borax. Leave the whole thing to work for some time and then make clean.

Do you have a clogged line somewhere?

Immerse in vinegar and clean!

Manufacturing you could do practically clean everything again with the base mixture

eco-friendly cleaning for your home washing machine cabinets counter tops

It could quite effectively clean the fridge, the surfaces, the floors and the work surfaces.

For the shiny dishes you could make add some vinegar to the normal cleaning agents and this Act again.

You can remove also the unpleasant odors with vinegar.

The laundry room

You could make some spots softer by the vinegar or even remove.

You could add a glass of distilled vinegar in the washing machine and thus dilute the SOAP and make the clothes softer.

You could easily cover the stains from deodorant and wine with vinegar that there is construction wollkleidern on 100 percent. You can try the same thing with plastic and press fabrics. Note: This works only 24 hours after the emergence of the spot!

Remove the bad smells in the washing machine with two glasses of vinegar. These you should in the empty washing machine add and then twice to run.

By the vinegar, you can remove the dark stains of an iron. To mix the same amount of white distilled vinegar and salt. Now, you need to rub and remove the stains.

The living rooms – these rooms must be brought often quickly in good shape

eco-friendly cleaning for your home flowers sofas living room

Surfaces without wax, wood, doors, panels and walls could be made clean without problems. To do this, you could use the base mixture.

Streak-free could be made with vinegar and warm water clean window. Then she should wipe in addition with a cloth.

For stains on the carpets and fabrics is the following mixture: 1 spoon running detergent, 1 tablespoon vinegar, half a litre of hot water.

Now, you should apply the mixture on the stain and rub with a soft brush. Then DAB dry. Annoying water marks can therefore also be removed.

With the vinegar you can save at home much harmful and inspiring allergy resources. In addition, your money spending will be much smaller. Speaks against using this at your home?

Fresh living room design – green walls, original floor lamp in the cornereco-friendly cleaning for your home fresh lively Interior

Extravagant and remarkably designed living room

eco-friendly cleaning for your home green wall design sofa pillowcozy bedroom – double bed eco-friendly cleaning for your home painted flooring bedroom

Combines bright, modern cuisine in one of the lounge – orange hanging lights

eco-friendly cleaning for your home pendant lighting kitchen island living area

Warm, welcoming shades in the bedroom

eco-friendly cleaning for your home bedroom double bed nightstand

Snow White sofa in the living room – ceiling sliding doors

eco-friendly cleaning for your House Chair sliding white sofa

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