Vintage Furnishings: A Balanced Mix Of Classic And Modern

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vintage furnishings ideas 50 years style vintage wallpaper pattern

Back to vintage – Classic meets modern

Vintage is currently full in vogue. Clothing, furniture, glasses and wallpapers based on the styles of bygone eras and allow them to new life. Just wallpaper in the retro-look offer great opportunities to make living not only as optical eye-catcher, but also harmonious.

Chic vintage furnishings in the bedroom

vintage furnishings bedrooms ideas vintage wallpaper

Past epochs to life again

The so-called retro or vintage style draws on elements that were very popular in the course of the 20th century. In the Art Nouveau style , for example, floral elements, warm colors and curved lines in the foreground stood. Geometric and organic forms were with the Art Déco of the 1920s in living room and bedroom. While Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon, garish colors and oversized motifs with wild patterns decorated the walls of this generation. An infographic on yet once vividly shows how has changed the look of wallpaper in the course of the periods.

vintage furnishings infographic vintage wallpaper development

Might want to bring back the wallpaper of your childhood and youth in your rooms or these motifs are just great. No matter what reasons you have, the individual design options are almost unlimited. Motifs and patterns can be spread over one, two or three cars or the eye-catcher is the entire wall as recurring element.

Discover the charm of vintage wallpaper

vintage establishment 50 years style dining room furniture vintage wallpaper

Tips for choosing the right wallpaper

With wallpaper, the optical effect can be modified in rooms. For example, a room with vertical stripes is higher with horizontal stripes, however, lower. A large decorative motif stretches a room and makes him seem bigger. Dark colors fit better in large rooms, bright colors, however, in smaller spaces such as the hobby room or the hallway. Select patterns that harmonize well with each other. For example, you can perform an optical space separation between living room and dining area or in the nursery by using two different wallpapers.

The overall concept for a space includes not only the walls, but also the ceiling and the furniture or the institution itself. The ceiling should be decorated in colors that harmonize with the walls. In terms of furniture, you can combine both modern designer furniture and matching furnishings from the Art Nouveau or Art Déco period with the selected wallpaper. Be brave! Unleash your creativity and discover the variety of possibilities.

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