Walk-in Closet – Like You Your Clothes With Style Mapping

walk-in closet lots of storage

Walk-in wardrobe – modern solutions for your wardrobe

A walk-in closet is a luxury for many, because you need more space for this. Although such wardrobes are not very often or better said not in each apartment, you remain a very practical solution to modern dress store. So are your clothes very well ordered and you are able to dress without stress for every occasion appropriately.

Today, we show you some variants for walk-in closets, which are decorated in a different style. Some are very spacious, almost like a whole room, others are can be folded out and still others occupy only a small portion of the space and are very well hidden – sometimes by folding doors or mirror doors. Depending on how much you have free space, you can find the right model of the dressing room. A walk-in closet is not necessarily an unaffordable luxury. You can see here myself. See all 15 wardrobe designs and decide which would suit best to your rooms.

an elegant fold-out version with lots of storage space

wardrobe can be folded out

Spacious, walk-in closet with cuddly soft Ottoman

walk-in closet ironing bars Ottoman

Such wardrobes are convenient for children

wardrobe nursery

Wall shelves and chests with drawers are very much used

wardrobe Dresser drawers of round stool

Noble wardrobe made of high-quality wood

walk-in wardrobe mahogany

For the fashion conscious man with style

masculine wardrobe white stool

Vintage meets modern

wardrobe Walnut sliding door

Cosiness and order

open shelves wardrobe storage boxes

If you are on modern minimalism

walk-in closet purist neutral colors

Straight lines and modern touch in the living area

wardrobe sliding doors striped

Optical distance by mirror cabinet

wardrobe mirror door

An open, walk-in closet

walk-in closet open shelves system.for the nature-loving purists

walk-in closet forest motifs

A walk-in closet – Designpoesie in white and grey

walk-in closet white fronts