Wallpaper Removal – How Can You Properly Removing The Wallpaper

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Useful tips for the budget

To remove the old wallpaper that is probably much smarter than to let the wall new tapizieren. The new covers you can cling to much lighter and better on a clean surface. Depending on the wallpaper and the wall type, there are several methods, on which you can perform this task.

A good idea is to paste new on old fabric wallpaper, because there is a danger of pulling off.

Now, if you want to tear down the old wallpaper, there are important instructions for you.

Strippbare wallpapers

Although the most strippbaren wallpapers by plastizierten, smooth textures are characterized (including vinyl and fabric fabric). The only way on which to check whether the wallpaper is strippbar or not, this is from the wall can, pull off to try.

Remove wallpaper

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Following lines explain how to do that:

Step 1 – with a utility knife, you’re snooping in the inconspicuous corner of the wall.

Step 2 – touch the tip and keep it as close as possible to the wall, try to pull down from the wall. This will increase the likelihood of tearing. If the wallpaper is strippbar, they are can be easily removed from the wall when you put a stable pressure. If they are not strippbar, you should soak them and steam. The humidity can soften the surface, then it’s easier.

Superb sea theme bathroom

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How to use a steamer:

1.Schritt- As long as the water is hot, you argue the wall plate to the wall covering is obscured. Start with a single stripe.Step 2 – after half of the Strip’s been steamed, lift off the top corner with a utility knife and try to pull the paper down. If this technique does not work, you rely on a wall scraper.

Wallpaper steamer

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Exotic atmosphere in the living room
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Variety of patterns on the wall

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A piece of nature in the work room

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My favourite animal – the elephant

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Many camels in the desert

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Bathroom with style

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Palm trees on the wall – small dining area

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Pop art style

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Magnificent waterfalls

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Strippbare wallpapers

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Easy to remove

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