What About The Teak Garden Furniture Knowledge Must

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Teak is a treasure in the garden

Teak wood has long been one of the most preferred materials for outdoor furniture. The reasons are among others the mattgoldene color and his stamina. It also contains rubber and oil. So it is inherently waterproof and is also resistant to rot and insects. It is certain that your teak garden furniture will last for many years.

Garden furniture teak stay forever

teak garden furniture sofa armchair table decoration outdoor


All these properties make the material not only popular, but also very suitable for long-term use. If you move often or like to change the decoration, it is not the best option.

Dining area of teak

teak garden furniture dining table and chairs


In some regions in the South and South-East of Asia, it has devastated many forests to win this type of wood. But this is not always the case. Find out where did come from the wood, which you use. Request the corresponding certificates to ensure that you have obtained a sustainable material.

On the terrace

teak garden furniture patio design ideas lounge

Painting and weathering

Here you have three main options: natural (not painted), sealed, weathered.

Silver look

furniture In the free teak chairs

If the external conditions will be issued, the teak is silvery with the time. This happens just with the furniture here but you will notice this especially on the armrests. Completely grey it will be only in a few months. You can buy already weathered wood. The advantage of this is that the shade will not change and so you can choose just the matching colors.

The golden brown color of teak garden furniture looks great

pool room set up teak furniture chairs table

Do you want make your furniture look golden brown? Sealing can help to slow the process of weathering. But the sealant can weather also. So you ask the seller according to the best type of care.

Teak garden furniture at the pool

teak garden furniture poolside loungers

Should you provide it with oil or not?

Some experts recommend the provided with oil the pieces of furniture made from teak wood in order to preserve the color. But that involves danger of mould. The piece of furniture to consider when you decide whether or not you apply a layer of oil pull placement. Teak furniture indoor usually do not become obsolete.

The wood can weather by the rays of the Sun

teak garden furniture next to the House

If they are placed in full sun however, weathered wood. So decide in advance what is important to avoid the risk before the moulds or the desired visual effect. Not all types of oil are equal, so ask the seller about the specifics.

Carefully clean

furniture from teak garden design decoration cushion

Make clean

Teak wood furniture must be cleaned at least once per year. So, to remove dirt, dust and stains. This is something you can do alone with detergent and a brush. Ask the seller for the specific resources which you should choose for your furniture. Maybe someone will spill red wine or salad dressing on your piece of furniture. Then, you must use specific means for cleaning of oak. And large it must be to carefully with this material, but then surely this will pay off.

Relax in the garden

teak garden furniture on the Meadow Valley

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