What Advantages Does The Indirect Lighting In Your Home

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indirect lighting ceiling lighting concrete look walls

Terms of the interior design: direct and indirect lighting

We are trying to write our articles as exciting and interesting for the unprofessional reader. With us, each home owner should develop some own design skills. At the end of the day, we want that comfortable living for all of our readers will be easier. Usually enough to creativity and appropriate examples. That’s why we fill our website thus.

At certain points it also helps further if we us better versed in the relevant terms.

For this reason we choose to discuss it. As always, we do it in a most comprehensible way. Today, it involves the concepts of direct and indirect lighting.

Indirect lighting in neon looks even more

indirect lighting recessed blue light

Direct lighting

The direct light emitted by a source and is mirrored by any other surface. There is this term in the interior design as well as in nature. In the second case, it means that the light from the sky has come to us. No reflective surfaces changed its direction.

In the interior design, the term refers mostly to the hanging lamps on the ceiling, which align their light down.

Very refined and discreet

indirect lighting led lights recessed shelves bedroom

The main advantages of direct lighting are the following:

It is very effective;
It is ideal for lighting of zones and certain areas in the region.
You can see clearly the features of three-dimensional objects;
Can provide a very attractive atmosphere in connection with attractive light shadow patterns.

The disadvantages of direct lighting are primarily these:

She not sufficiently can brighten up the atmosphere alone.
Bad angle she can dazzle the sight screens.
It shows objects and people not in their best light.

Your home theater could look like

indirect lighting recessed neon minimalist home theater

Indirect lighting

The indirect lighting comes through the mirror effects. It is so in nature, as well as in the interior design. Walls, furniture, floor, window, etc. serve as mirror surfaces


These are the main advantages of indirect lighting at a glance:

They are given a gentle, low-impact environment, which is ideal for concentrated work.
Reflecting on screen is much easier to control.
Gathering of many people, the indirect light ensures a better appearance of the faces.
She can be installed without damage to ceiling (this is especially important in historic buildings).

Successful combination

indirect lighting led light ceiling accent wall

The disadvantages of the indirect light are:

If the ceiling is brighter than the other surfaces, it can be disturbing.
The details of three-dimensional objects are difficult to detect.
Boring appearance by a small contrast.
Not very energy-efficient.

The interaction between direct and indirect lighting

This should have everyone in our home, designers believe. It means that we have installed lighting of both types. The same objects could provide both direct and indirect light.

Track lighting is particularly to be recommended for your living room

indirect lighting track lighting living room


To reach a good light balance.
The exchange between two light sources keeps for energy efficiency.
You can choose for the appropriate option depending on the situation.


Relatively expensive installation and high maintenance costs.
More detailed instructions on how they need properly can be user.

Make your bedroom only with indirect lighting

indirect lighting bedroom recessed

The light design

We conclude with a few words to the lighting design. This is the art and ability to brighten up an ambience. Lighting design is divided into two main areas: for daylight and electric light.

Daylight design deals with the integration of daylight in space. Looking for ways to expand this as well as possible in the built Interior. It affects all areas of the building. Daylight design is relevant to the planning of the buildings, as well as the interior design.

Electric lightGenerally speaking, means the ability to brighten up the Interior and exterior of buildings with artificial light with this term.

Very refined with Oriental flair

hides indirect lighting roof

You can use indirect lighting for every furnishing style

indirect lighting recessed led lights

Minimalist décor with 5oer years smack

indirect lighting dining area living room insulated light

Perfect balance between indirect and direct lighting

indirect lighting kitchen

Don’t forget the staircase

indirect lighting stair railing staircase

Dim lighting and soft, curved lines

indirect lighting wall sconces

Indirect LED lighting and masculine charisma

indirect lighting living room ceiling built-in lamp

Daylight fades into the modern indirect lighting

indirect lighting living room open plan

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