What Should You Know About The Furniture With Bold Colors

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Once again about the use of Flash furniture in the modern interior design

One of the simplest and fastest methods to express their own individuality, is the use of color. Different shades can be attached to the furniture, accessories and on the walls.

Examples can be also very useful in this regard.

Neutral against coloured

The neutral has many arguments on their side. For example you can integrate easier some larger pieces of furniture so that, if you have enough seat and work, without requiring the space this is narrowed.

But actually the coloured and the neutral interior design concepts do not contradict each other. It depends on to combine them correctly. So you can enjoy the benefits of both. The pairs of colored and neutral decor is such a thing as the golden mean in the usual interior design.

Colorful home furnishings in a country house style

furnishings lurid kitchen China Cabinet

There is much room for your own creative ideas. The key to success lies in the right dosage

The bright colors must be used in such an interior design with great caution. We must carefully determine how wide the area must be, which is to cover with paint.

Still we need to carefully consider how intense the shading should be applied.


The blue color is a relatively risk-free decision, when it comes to Flash accents. She is not very striking effect especially in combination with white decor. You can run this larger wall areas or pieces of furniture. Use several small items in this shade apart from the accent piece, or the accent wall anywhere in the room.

Cobalt China Cabinet as a color accent in the dining room

furnishings lurid dining room Cabinet of metal chandelier blue cupboard


The rich orange colour occurs less frequently on larger objects in successful interior design. However, this does not mean that the establishment in Orange work poorly. Rather, it is particularly difficult to find the correct dimensions of the pieces of furniture. Avoid all risks by opting for the pastel variants.

Orange gives the room more visual warmth and comfort

furnishings Orange Cabinet kitchen tableware white hydrangeas

Light blue fits this also excellent

furnishings Orange Chair living room ideas

The nursery is a good field of experimentation

The nursery is a very good field of experimentation. There are the garish shades at home. Even though it is a bit too much, this may bring the children only the joy of life. If you have ideas in a flamboyant style and feel some fear here that the little ones can be to awake and not sleep, then you can correct easily the mistakes in this space with other bold shades.

Ducks yellow and pink – an unbeatable color duo

Interior children's room Flash colors yellow pink

Shelf units

The shelf units are another very good experimental field. There you can try different variations of the garish colour without great risk. They are easily with slides, to conceal heavy weight colored paper and other means.

Pastel colours bring more peace and gentleness in your own four walls

home furnishings home library Bookshelf yellow sofa pillow

Dark purple and green

If you want to use more than a color combination, then we would recommend you dark purple or Strawberry red in combination with green. You can reach a quiet, but fruity touch.

Masculine touch in the hallway

home furnishings floor Apple green purple wardrobe

Violet and blue shades

Violet can be combined successfully in combination with different blue shades and also those of violet, but they should be different light or dark.

A modern, minimalist color noise in the kitchen

home furnishings kitchen seladongrün ducks yellow red

The light

Certainly also the light is responsible for the good or bad effect of colours. Make sure that’s just accentuated the interior design as you want it.

Put on pastel tones for more tranquility in your life

furnishings bookshelves of blibliothek living room set up retro seating

Do you rather muted, maritime colours?

furnishings dark blue bürcherregale library sofa upholstered furniture coffee tables wood

A pale yellow under the stairs adorns the kitchen cabinet

furnishings yellow Cabinet wood stairs cupboard

A successful pattern and style mix

furniture kitchen set red cabinets wall decoration

Vote the accessories on the wall color

interior decoration kitchen yellow kitchen rear panel white kitchen cabinets

Color accents on white background

furniture dining room set up country style dining table white showcase

furniture kitchen kitchen furniture white yellow shelves

Neon Green on dark background

interior of neon green Chair blinds colorful batik style

For real pop art fans

furnishings round coffee table trendy purple zebra carpet

Subtle symmetry in the living room

furnishings pigeon blue symetric wardrobes living room

Eggplant on the showcase

furnishings purple Cabinet bookcase set living room

Color dynamics in the youth room

furniture white shelves children's young room-orange walls blue accents

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