Window Films Are Versatile

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window film opaque window film attaching self-adhesive

Window films are versatile

Windows let the Sun in your own four walls, allow to look into the natural – but allow the view inside, what is not always desired. Fensterfolien wie beispielsweise auf erhältlich sorgen dafür, dass es Unbefugten deutlich schwerer gemacht wird, sich einen Überblick über das Eigenheim zu verschaffen. There are also the films even in able effectively to complicate a burglary. Which variants are suitable for what purpose?

Attach the opaque window film

window film opaque window film Privacy

window film opaque window film decorative

Solar control films reduce heat

Especially in buildings with large window surfaces the sunlight can be difficult: the brightness is indeed desired and makes the work easier, for the building heating up particularly strongly. A window foil helps here: sunlight is reflected, which effectively prevents the heating of the room. About 80 percent of the incoming heat energy can be locked out by simple placing of a slide. For computer – related jobs a more pleasant working is possible because the sunscreen prevents also dazzle. At the same time, the sunscreen serves as privacy, where this effect at night is lost. Those who are interested in sunscreen, should bear in mind that exists in two versions:

-Sunscreen, which is installed from the inside, is protected from the weather and therefore extremely durable. For this, the glass also to be fitted must be suitable; There is otherwise the risk of cracking at some types of glass.

-Sunscreen for outdoor installation are suitable in particular for special glass such as Thermo -, double -, or double glazing

The privacy in the foreground, is also known as mirror film can be used. This film is transparent in daylight from the inside, from the outside only a mirror is to recognize. In the dark, the effect decreases however noticeably. Is then the inside the light switched on, the foil from the outside is visible. Of course, also curtains could be hang for protection against the Sun and prying eyes. Whose fastening is however generally linked to a larger effort. In addition, blinds have the disadvantage that they largely shut out the sunlight and also prevent the looking out – films more elegantly solve this task.

window film opaque window film insulation

Frosted glass films create a bright atmosphere

Frosted glass films are a classic in the field of Visual protection films. You are especially in medical practices used, if privacy is to be respected. The name already gives a good idea about the optics: the frosted glass film is a matt white film, which does not reflect the light and thus provides bright rooms. The advantage is – apart from the privacy – is that frosted glass films are suitable for all types of Windows. Also is the fitting from the inside, which, in turn, mounting allows for a long service life and an easy. The universal use allows even a part of stickers from glass surfaces. This is not at all film types possible, because due to the different thermal expansion glass breakage cannot be excluded.

opaque window film Privacy window films cat pattern

window film opaque window film bad

Burglary made difficult: splitter protectors prevent the breaking of the discs

Invisible, but still not without value, splinter protection films are perfect: referred to as well as burglary protection foil, they effectively prevent the smashing of the disc. Even if the children like to play with the football in the garden, the protection of such a film is recommended. The high tensile strength ensures that a smash of the disc is still not possible. At the time of purchase care should be taken however, that the film is certified according to DIN 52337 or EU standard EN 12 600. Although the splinter protection film do not obstruct the view they have yet a practical side effect: the UV radiation filtered out to 96 percent.

window film opaque window film privacy door decorating

window films adhesive window film Privacy

Dekofolien loosen the optics

These films are also so convenient – especially in glass doors and large window surfaces also aesthetic aspects play a role. Dekofolien can be used as a screening, but also enhance large and sterile glass surfaces. There basically are no limits of own creativity, because Dekofolien can be in all patterns, sizes and colors.

The installation is when all the slides that are mounted from the inside easily feasible on its own:

-After selecting the appropriate slides, these can be purchased either a cut or a metre. Cuts are recommended however due to facilitate installation.

-Window cleaning and completely free from dust. The window should remain in moist

-Prepare film, by subtracting the protective film

-Mounting fluid mix with water and apply. There, the liquid on the window as well as on the film itself should be applied. Through the mounting fluid, remove any air pockets can be painted out after applying the foil.

-Align film: if it’s a cut or the window should be only partially covered, an alignment with the spirit level is recommended.

-Should the film be removed once, is this possible later, of course–absolutely residue free.

window film Privacy window film bad

opaque window film self adhesive window film pattern

Bottom line: Perfect alternative to curtains

So that window film can convince not only by their appearance, but provide a real added value shows up at the end: splinter protection films make more difficult the break-in, solar control films prevent glare and heat and frosted glass slides to create a light and at the same time discrete ambience. Easy installation in the do-it-yourself process also saves costs. At the time of purchase care should be taken, that the separate window for the desired slide are also suitable. The right cut of the metre is also preferable because the film otherwise handle must be cut during installation. Who rummages online, is can quickly locate the perfect foil.

window film opaque window film self-adhesive

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