Wine Storage Ideas For The Right Wine Connoisseur

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wine storage living room ideas black furniture

Wine storage ideas for your apartment

If you are a true wine connoisseur and keep many bottles of such at home, they are sure the perfect conditions of the wine storage.

But then what’s with the rest of the people that can not afford that luxury however is close and yet nice issued their wine?

You can store the wine with style

contemporary kitchen wine storage kitchen island ideas

I have read the opinion of Mike Schiller from Sonoma Enoteca in California recently. It was above all the wine storage in the kitchen. According to his position, there are a few things you should never do. Wine may be not heated and shaken. So store it below the bottles never in the fridge, no matter how much this idea in temptation will take you.

Do you actually know what the wine coolers differ from the others? According to Schiller, the first cause no vibration. If you have the space to do this and are willing to invest a few hundred euros, then you could get one.

Kitchen island for wine storage

modern kitchen design ideas kitchen island table storage chairs

Do you prefer a decorative approach? Here are a few more recommendations by Schiller. Sunlight, which illuminated the window, is certainly good for the people. For the wine, which is very harmful. Actually, the direct sunlight is an enemy of this drink. Issuing a Sauvignon Blanc which direct sunlight, even for a half hour, could destroy his taste in an irrevocable manner.

Stylish kitchen in white with black accents

traditional kitchen ideas wine storage kitchen island storage space

Wine storage in a protected area of your kitchen island planning is therefore a very good idea. Its built into a Cabinet, will reduce to the minimum the light.

Large kitchen island with extra storage

traditional kitchen wine storage kitchen island ideas storage space

However, make sure that in your kitchen island no large temperature fluctuations occur. Wine doesn’t like this. I remind you at this point also, that the storage of the oven is also not a good idea.

Wine storage space between the posts on the wall

Beach style kitchen wine storage ideas

You could also store the wine between the posts on the wall. However, make sure that there is a small margin, which protects the wine from shifting.

Built-in in the wall shelf for wine bottles

traditional dining room wine storage ideas storage space

Here we see another ingenious use of such area. Because the bottles in the wall, they get no direct sunlight.

Wine warehouses in the column

traditional dining room wine storage ideas wall shelf storage dining table

Converting a column or a small Raumtrenners in a wine storage area is great. However, free-standing cabinets for wine belong to my Lieblingsdekolösungen.

Mini bar ideas

eclectic living room decoration wine storage ideas

This also applies to the boxes, which can accommodate both wine bottles and glass.

White cupboard in the tropical kitchen

tropical cuisine Seign ideas of white Cabinet wine storage

Decorative Cabinet for wine storage

traditional kitchen ideas wine storage racks kitchen island

Great, a small decorative Cabinet like this one can be accommodated in the corner under the cupboards. This is a great solution for people who drink wine every day. Because the best one should drink the wine and enjoy, not only store or…


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