Wood Furniture: Local Wood Is Full Of Trend

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Wood furniture celebrate boom! A rustic interior is now no more than a square. However, modern pieces of furniture made of wood have nothing to do with Grandma’s big wall. Who would like to establish a modern style in its four walls, relies on the latest trend: furniture from local wood.

We show you what matters at the domestic wood species and why just the rustic furniture is back in fashion.

Wood furniture

Setup with holzmobeln bedroom

“Digital is everything, but my living room remains natural”

Almost everything is done nowadays digital – you can now do work, shopping, leisure, even its week end in purchasing on the Internet. Everything is anonymous, and people are less and less “face to face” in contact. As a result the world affects us a bit alienated, empty and cool.

Precisely for this reason, people increasingly yearn for a place where they feel at home. Home becomes an oasis of calm in contrast to the world out there, the counterpart to the urban chaos. What could be better fit than wood furniture? You bring a piece of nature home and create a homelike atmosphere with your warm colors and the natural appearance of the material.

Beech, maple, Birch – bright is announced

Local wood is currently the top seller amongst the wooden furniture. After long domination by dark walnut or cherry the domestic wood species now dominate beech, maple, birch, pine or ash. The trend is also increasingly conscious dealing with the resources of our planet inspired. Therefore, furniture producers were increasingly on an environment-conscious production of small furniture.

Sustainable forestry and clear functional design appear in the Vordergrund.Die domestic wood species not thousands of kilometers need to be transported, come from controlled and sustainable cultivation and provide jobs in the local economy. At the same time, they created a new trend that stands for a friendly and open living concept.

The demand strengthens the local economy after domestic wood species

Setup with holzmobeln wood material

The properties of the native species in the overview:

Maple is very bright due to its hardness for wooden floors.
A light wood with a fine grain that is suitable due to its soft properties good for wall coverings.
A very gentle acting wooden, yet extremely is robust and stable. Therefore, it is excellently suitable for furniture.
Ash is very expressive and has strong grain to the part. Ash who would like to give special character to your living space, is fully on.
Pine is modern and elegant and is therefore like to used for furniture or even wall paneling.

But be careful! Be not too rustic

Even if the natural design is now fully in trend, “too much is too much”. The establishment does not look like a mountain farm in the Alps, restraint is needed. Pay attention to the structure of wooden furniture they sit especially characterful wood always in contrast with soft-looking materials, such as fabrics, upholstery and carpets. So you get a harmonious living concept that exudes a quiet uniform effect.

Strong wood varieties combine well with soft upholstered furniture

set up with holzmobeln holzstuhle

Create change in the room. As usual just turn, for example, the sideboard in beech-wood on the wall, but use it as a room divider. They have adequate space, you can thus simply divided your living room in a living room and a dining area. So, the gentle vision of the wooden piece from both sides unfolds its full effect. The room is slightly smaller, sometimes even a single wooden furniture enough with which they can use a special accent.

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