You Can Combine Kitchen Materials And Colours – This Trend Colours

You can combine kitchen materials and colours – this trend colours

The latest kitchen trends are subject to constant change – in the choice of materials and colors for the kitchen in mind but this, that kitchens have an average life span of 20 years. Those who today choose in these circumstances for the latest trend, which is possibly in a few years a real design dilemma. However sent are combined the colours and materials in kitchens, kitchen furniture remain timeless and versatile at the same time.

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Kitchens: create the right basis

For a perfect, timeless kitchen three important material decisions must be made. There are countless variations for the fronts. They can be wood, metal, plastic and even cardboard order. The fronts made of cardboard are an innovative and modern option that is particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable. Also the surface of the front can be made regardless of the material of the kitchen front, differently. Smooth high gloss surfaces have a modern and clear style. Surfaces with grains are, however, traditional and timeless.

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Choose countertops

The next important decision concerns the countertop. Here, too, there is a huge selection. Currently, the clear and robust look from the industrial design is very popular. Massive concrete, marble or granite countertops set the tone in many kitchens. A muted color can be combined here with many designs. If you are looking for a little variety, which opts for a variant with a structural grain.

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Background due to the kitchen

Last but not least, it is the kitchen back wall, which rounds off the entire look of the room. We decided at the fronts and the countertop for a timeless and versatile style, there are hardly limits in wall design. Tiles, wallpaper or metal plates, the range is endless here.

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Color with style

On our search after the latest kitchen trends we found kitchen materials on, that there are offered with a large range of colours. The colors of white, beige and Brown are among the well-known and popular classics. To get modern nuances, which conjure up a stunning appearance.

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Bold colors such as red or yellow are the ideal choice for the kitchen of a statement. In combination with a simple top and a kitchen rear wall in the understated design, the fronts come very well to the effect. To the kitchen for a long time reflect a contemporary style, are versatile colors for this purpose. It must be but not always grey and white – warm pastel colors, natural wood shades and shiny metallic surfaces provide an innovative look, which can be well combined with many other shades.

A perfect example is the bright shade of pastel blue. He is equally suitable in conjunction with metal, concrete or even beech. So, you can realize three completely different kitchen designs with a single color. Petrol is a little braver when choosing a color, but similarly versatile, – this powerful sound works very well especially in large, open kitchens.

Timeless design kitchens

In addition to the kitchen furniture, there are many other elements that determine the overall look of the kitchen. The style of a kitchen can be easily optimized and modified with the correct components. This should be an eye in the design process on the following points:

Textiles for curtains or cushions
Lamps and lightings.
Kitchen appliances (fridge, oven, microwave)


Who is looking for a trendy kitchen solution, which is to change the time without any problems, find a wonderful selection for every taste under the current trend colours.