You Know The Difference Between Eclectic Interior Design – And Contemporary Style?

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Eclectic and contemporary style in interior design – where’s the difference?

The eclectic, as well as the contemporary style combine different styles. You often wonder whether they were both had something in common. It is of two different styles. To learn whether and why this is so, in the following lines.

Interior design with striking colours and colour combinations

innendesign residential ideas living room vintage red curtains carpet

Interior design ideas in the eclectic style

apartment set up ideas living room zebra rug fireplace eclectic

We consider the two styles first separately and then we try to compare them.

The Eklektik

The Eklektik is to combine two or three styles. Mostly these have many common features and are no contrasts. Typical example is the combining of Provence and vintage, or also the pairs of Scandinavian, Art Deco and retro style.

Skillfully mixing colors

innendesign living room innendesign eclectic

Living room with soft, feminine appearance

apartment set up ideas eclectic living room beautiful pattern ornaments beautiful painting

A mistake in the interpretation of the eclectic is that there are no fixed rules, but that you could combine everything to taste. Actually, the eclectic requires advanced knowledge of art and design. You need much care, so that the border with kitsch is not exceeded.

Combine vintage carpet and wooden beams

innendesign eclectic style living room set up ideas

Characteristics of Interior design in the eclectic style

Here are some of the rules which must be adhered in the eclectic design:

Elements of different styles are United in common design concepts;
Typical working methods are the use of different shades of an and the same color, as well as the repetition of various textures and patterns with objects of different styles;
Vertical lines, wall niches and rounded corners is often occur on the eclectic;
Pillows and blankets for the furniture in bright shades are another typical characteristic of the eclectic;

Most of the time the designers opt for a neutral background and the colours of the typical styles are introduced in the form of accents.

The combination of the colors of that are distinctive for the styles in the textiles, in the decoration, in the small elements of the interior design, and so on.

Fresh pattern combination

apartment set up eclectic ideas decorate living room

Contemporary style

Contemporary style is the eclectic very similar to, but it gives some specific rules that differentiate him.

The living room contemporary style set up

apartment ideas set in contemporary style living room

Here are some typical characteristics of the contemporary style:

Clear and laconic design;
Functional zoning of premises;
Pursuit of maximum extension;
Clear geometry: simple, laconic lines and shapes;
In the base color palette is missing the nuances of Flash. They are just like at the eclectic details.
Disclaimer on outlandish forms;
Combining glittering and Matt surfaces;
Dominance of the ethnic and classical-style decor.

In conclusion, we can say that the contemporary style is a variation of the eclectic. It works easily with some additional restrictions. It helps in this sense, if designers can distinguish between the two. So, many errors can be avoided, which a design seem inappropriate.

Wall decoration ideas for the living room

innendesign eclectic interior design living room tulips white carpet

Golden stool attract the attention

innendesign eclectic living room set up wanddeko Golden stool

Living room with a retro touch

innendesign geometric carpet eclectic living room Relaxen armchair

The leather furniture with beautiful fabric patterns spice up

innendesign living room set up eklektik pattern

Living room with blue accents

innendesign residential ideas living room of wall decoration ideas carpet pattern

Stark colors make the room appear alive

innendesign living room set up colored wallpaper

Living room decorated in neutral tones

apartment ideas set in contemporary fireplace style pattern

Select luxurious fabric patterns

apartment set up ideas living room an eclectic style purple sofa round glass table

Make cozy living room

apartment set up ideas living room eclectic white curtains dark soil walls

Nice and cosy living-room in the eclectic style

apartment set up ideas living room stark colors eclectic

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