Brand New School Furniture Represent Current Didactic Principles On Didacta 2017

Editor   January 20, 2017   Comments Off on Brand New School Furniture Represent Current Didactic Principles On Didacta 2017

Sustainable and sophisticated school furniture are seen on Didacta 2017

The school will no longer be the place where you hate to stay.  This is at least the intension of many exhibitors and teachers who work together on school concepts and new space and one of the largest education fairs in Germany, Didacta this year again they present.

You want to change the whole perception of the learning process and outdated school structures and also improve. For that it is actively entered to the current needs of the students and teachers and an emphasis on well-being in the school and teaching rooms. Why does such a change on the learning ability of the pupils have optimizing the class and lounges as relevance and effect like?

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Man spends as a student, but also as a teacher most of the time in school, where you not only learns or teaches. Particularly in the all-day schools you would like to offer optimal conditions for a flexible and autonomous learning. These include height-adjustable table systems, equipment management and game rooms and hallway furniture, that you want to exclude all potential risks of injury many props and materials, such as for example fold-out furniture, boards with movable modules.

Last but not least, you want to tolerate sustainable furniture construction and draw attention to the origin of the materials. For the upright position of the body and a healthy back made chairs and tables are searched and asked experienced manufacturers.

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Less than 75 years of experience and exactly such a long tradition in the area of school furniture is its history one upper Franconian company ACE Setup Systems GmbH. The philosophy of the company includes the design and production of school furniture as well as the facilities of complete technical and multi purpose rooms. By the traditional furniture industry develop complex design concepts that make not only the corporate customers happy, but actually contribute to a visible improvement of the school environment.

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The pure functionality is coupled with high demands on aesthetics and sustainability. The carefully selected materials should be easy to clean and save a lot of work the House masters. An adequate choice of colours is done according to the age group and the learning environment.

Not but think that everything is old, just does not matter more and is replaced by new. According to the motto “Without the past, there can be no future”, the company picks the best and most valuable from the past years out and gives the in addition a modern cut.

The company is considered the education of designers in Germany and attaches great importance to high-quality materials, expertise, and proven quality. This is also the reason why the entire production runs approximately 75 proud years successfully in Germany.

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