Time For Your Own Four Walls

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Which tenant doesn’t know which ideas for the redesign, there are the flat enough. Here a wall break through in the kitchen away from the classic kitchen to the cooking block in the Middle, changes would be nice. The catch is that the landlord would not play. Or he would be thrilled, but not participates in the reconstruction. Especially in the area of kitchen design, fast 20 thousand euros or more are invited. The only opportunity that presents itself to tenants, is then to take not 20 thousand euros for the new kitchen in the hand, but 250 thousand euros for your own home. Here, you can then switch and is done as they would like. Black granite tiles for the kitchen floor, the cooking block in the middle of the kitchen, the bath tub with built-in jacuzzi and the iPod connector in addition to the faucets, together with the speakers in the ceiling. The former bath in the apartment for rent is to the feel-good oasis in your own House. The time for a decision in favour of own real estate are good. Interest rates are moving for a long time at historic lows, it has found just the right property.

Zei for your own four walls

Prepare funding alone

Even if the planning of the bathroom and the kitchen is clearly exciting, as the planning of funding, they should be in advance in the foreground. It is self-explanatory that however with the cost side for the reconstruction of the new house in the financing plan must be included. It makes little sense, if while the purchase price is, but at the end of the financial effort for the planned new features was not considered. A first overview of the cost of the monthly load is found, for example, in a comparison of house purchase loans on onlinekredite.org. Principle of planning, that remains the rule of thumb “20 percent plus acquisition costs from its own resources” is valid. Even if some banks now allow funding without equity, this represents everything else as a solid financing.

Where can the capital come from?

Who maybe still not targeted dealt from one day on the other decides it is closing with the kitchenette in the apartment, he wants to make dreams come true now, with own funds. The thought of the day-money account causes in the first moment that dream seems about to burst, but is it worth it to, to think a little further. There are of course once the savings and the investment account, which as equity capital. May be there is still someone is willing under the arms within the family access. Here, a private loan agreement is applied, not interested in the Bank. Yes she don’t know where the money comes from. Also, loans have equity. This must take into account certain formalities in the credit agreement, to the credit of the head is not considered taxable income. In many German households are slumbering life and pension insurance policies. These need to be resolved, but can be used as equity capital replacement. Alternatively offers the possibility of a policy loan. This is not a loan in the classical sense, but an advance of even saved capital before the end of the contract. Last but not least also the own activity in the restructuring as equity capital replacement can occur, the so-called muscle mortgage. Well calculated, nothing in the way is the dream kitchen at home.

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