10 Ideas For A Green Trend Kitchen – Healthy And Eco-friendly Life

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green trend kitchen coarse countertop Wood

10 ideas for a greene trend kitchen

What does be really Green? The definition changes constantly and you could always improve it. We have learned that you don’t need to completely renovate everything or to spend Tonnengeld to be green.

We have compiled 10 ideas for major or minor changes in your kitchen, you can make for your home and life will be more healthy, happy, and environmentally friendly.

Shopping for an eco-friendly kitchen

1 countertops. Try a Green idea. The selection of materials that are recycled, recovered or recycled used reduces the carbon in your home.

2 devices. You might want to select the last energy-saving model or continue to use an old gas stove.

old fashioned electrical appliances shine in a new light

green trend kitchen environmentally friendly stove Walnut dining table for two

3 daylight. The right lamp will help you to reduce the electric bill and carbon.

The maximum benefit of daylight but could be the best lighting solution for your kitchen

green trend kitchen lots of light and fresh air

4th floor. There are several factors for an eco-friendly floor – he was recycled, recovered, he is non-toxic? There are options for different budgets.

Bright wooden planks everywhere

green trend kitchen light wood planks on the floor

5 tile mirror. The recycled bricks prove that the eco-friendly materials are not necessarily styleless.

There are nice options for tile mirror, the kitchen, and are environmentally friendly

green trend kitchen tile mirror in emerald green and white furniture

6 cabinets.

The eco-friendly cabinets are healthy not only for the world, but also for your family

green trend kitchen of recycled wood lockers

Research what toxins are to be avoided and what should be on the label.

7 LED lighting. Less energy consumption and purchase of LED light bulbs can reduce your electricity bill.

Radiant and saving at the same time of Mal Corboy design and cabinets

Green trend kitchen factory pendant lamp led lighting

Eco-friendly cooking, cleaning and residential

green trend cuisine of all fresh prepare

Have not only the right purchases to make a green kitchen is, it is to make changes in lifestyle. There are measures that can change your health in the long term.

A mixed bag of kitchen herbs on the wall

green trend kitchen herbs self growing

Small changes make no matter – if you start with the use of container glass, or with the cultivation of vegetables – can have often more the world and your family’s health, as the eco-friendly renovation of your kitchen.

Sometimes you learn from good examples.

This image from Maryland shows us how good the green kitchen can look

green trend kitchen stylish tiled mirror celadon nuances

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