10 Smart Ideas For Modern Kitchen Furniture With Extra Storage Space

Editor   February 24, 2014   Comments Off on 10 Smart Ideas For Modern Kitchen Furniture With Extra Storage Space

kitchen furniture table chairs

Make your kitchen functional and comfortable!

Have you planned your kitchen so that everything has found its proper place? Or is there still plates, spice Cup, glasses and cutlery, need extra room. The kitchen comfortable and practical to make so that your life is normal and comfortable, is no easy task. The key for the functional and practical kitchen furniture is in the following proposals, which we have carefully prepared for you.

Modern kitchen – furniture with more storage space

kitchen furniture pans pots

A very useful idea is to provide a plug-in Board. It allows you to have pots and pans close at hand. Accept it as your DIY project, by creating a few regiments to do so.

Save a lot in the kitchen island

kitchen furniture wine bottles cups

This kitchen gives you the possibility to store many kitchen utensils. This type of design frees more space for plates, wine bottles, cups and glasses. It is very functional, especially if you want to make use of the kitchen island as a bar or dining table.

Open shelves

kitchen furniture white table Brown chairs

You can customize everywhere open shelves where there’s free space

kitchen furniture aspirator chrome

Open shelves are so handy, because you simply access the desired thing. You need no longer to rummage in the drawer.

Always hand

kitchen furniture shelves Cup

Have the utensils on the wall at your fingertips

kitchen furniture cutlery wall

Keep the essentials in your kitchen always nearby. Just hang your cutlery on the back wall! Small shelves can come for the Spice Cup very convenient in use.

Order cookbooks

kitchen furniture cookbooks

Are you a good cook? Nevertheless, you access may sometimes to steal ideas from the cookbook. Here is a useful tip to set up the kitchen, so that you have your cookbooks at hand.

Properly store wine bottles

kitchen furniture table chairs

Almost everyone has at home wine racks. If you want to have them under the table top or wall, look at our proposal itself!

Kitchen furniture with corner design

kitchen furniture corners design

Corners design in blue form

kitchen furniture white corners design

Incorporate small compartments in the drawer

Kitchen furniture of natural wood

Usually it is the corner room was lost. We accept without objection when it comes to the bedroom, living room or bathroom. In the kitchen, but everything looks different. Here is every centimeter. Take advantage of the corners area by installing drawers and open shelves.

Desktop device for knife

kitchen furniture many knife

If you want to keep the knife in the drawer, can you duck differ for our next offering. While this is a desktop device, where you simply reaches for the knife. It is practical and functional.

Pull out shelves and racks

kitchen furniture pans on the Gestsell

Regalbtretter slide out

kitchen furniture kitchen cabinet

To pulling out racks are great for storing small items

kitchen furniture tea Kettle lemons

The present photos represent the idea of shelves pulling out to or racks that are very compact and comfortable in usage.

Drawer with individual compartments

kitchen furniture many glasses

Drawer for knives

kitchen furniture knife in the drawer

Individually customized cabinet furniture

kitchen furniture kitchen cabinet drawer

In this article we presented some useful examples of modern kitchen furniture, which can make you more storage space at home free and make your life easier. It’s nothing you further left than to cook and enjoy life.

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