12 Commercial Kitchen Equipment And Accessories With “WOW” Effect

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kitchen cover

Kitchen equipment and ideas for even easier and exciting cooking

In this article, we present again delightful ideas and kitchen facilities that guarantee will change your lust to a boil in the positive.

Peeler with this convenient and compact the raw food diet is a delicious attraction

kitchen potato peeler Zucchini carrot

Peeling in pins

This special peeler is perfect for cutting through posts. He is very small and practical, and with him the manufacture of vegetable pasta is finally at home possible.

How exactly the food look, should not be underestimated

kitchen potato peeler Zucchini

Because the eyes

kitchen potato peeler Zucchini result

Spiral vegetable knife

This spiral-shaped knife turns your fruit and vegetables into something quite extraordinary. Thus, you can make curly fries, vegetables, noodles or fantastic toppings for every meal.

With this knife you in love with new favorite food

Spiralfärmiges kitchen knife

Screening Board

This screen is particularly suitable for small kitchens Board, with which you wash at one point, cut, and can roll the dice.

A smart solution for small kitchens

kitchen sieve Board

Ice cube tray for bottles

It is a fact that normal ice cube forms never fit into the throat of a bottle. This makes sense!

Sure, you have also tried normal ice cubes in the water bottle into it to do

kitchen ice cube bottle

With this elongated ice screws it will work this time

kitchen ice moulds

Spaghetti measure

You have a visitor for dinner and don’t know how much spaghetti to cook enough? For this, a tool already exists.

How practical and smart – a spaghetti measure!

kitchen spaghetti measure

Skulpturensammlung clip

With this cute kitchen tool made of silicone, attached to the Pan or the Pan, you can drain easily the liquid from the tank.

No more burned fingers and vegetable losses

kitchen cast clamp pot

The skulpturensammlung clamp is specifically developed for the casting of hot liquid

kitchen cast clamp


Why you want to separate the egg white and the yolk, from this great invention will make your task easier.

May be very difficult for some people to separate the egg yolks from egg whites,

kitchen egg yolk separator

Once the soft bottle press and the work is done

kitchen egg yolk separator Rosa

Flammenloser mouse Bacon roaster

It may be that this invention here has not really practical application, but some people, especially the children love about everything. The kids can stick bread or mouse Bacon roast without waiting for the holiday to need to find absolutely class.

Stock bread now is quite possible in the living room

kitchen floor bread

Pull-out drawer dividers

By this pull-out wooden boards, organize your kitchen better and by its unique adjustable function, they fit into every drawer in the House.

This clever idea allows you to determine the distribution of the drawer itself

kitchen equipment retractable slats for drawer

and your own rules according to own needs to create

kitchen extendable equipment drawer

Never flooded cereal Bowl

You can enjoy crispy Müsli-will be the last piece. The tray can also be used for soup with croutons, cookies with milk and chips with dips.

How cool-a breakfast dish that separates the Müsli with milk

kitchen cereal milk separator

With this dish, you can knuspern as much as you want

kitchen cereal milk diet


Make your own water ice and do only healthy ingredients into it. Juice, yogurt, fruits and everything, what you like. Recloseable technique you must eat at once everything.

The healthy version of the water ice

kitchen water ice

Even the bags with vitamins, fill and close the zipper

kitchen water ice zipper

Pancake pen

This container is made specifically for pancake creations. Very easy to clean and with heat fixed “mine”.

The pancake is not only one of the favorite food…

kitchen pancake Schreiber

With this pancake writer he can count to the most beautiful

kitchen equipment empty pancake Schreiber

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