12 Innovative Kitchen Bar Design For Modern Kitchen

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innovative kitchen bar design bar chairs wood table top

12 innovative kitchen bar design for modern kitchen

What makes a kitchen bar unforgettable? Her great style? Smooth materials? Bar stools, which catch the look? Yes, Yes, and Yes! No matter whether you have a loft kitchen or a small kitchen corner, where you prepare the food, there are ways to integrate the bar style in your Setup!

Today, we offer you 12 unforgettable kitchen bars and take a look at what makes them really stylish. Pay attention to the lines and shapes of each selection, as well as the special touch that decorated the room. For example, the pendant lamp can do wonders if she hangs over the kitchen bar! And forget not the selection of fabulous bar stool!

Wooden kitchen bars

We start with wooden kitchen bars, a popular choice that adds a lot of warmth to a room. How can you decorate? There are countless possibilities… Below is a special project that zero is called energy House. Note the updated look of the bar made of wood, as well as the opportunity to pair it to a contrast of light with white upholstered seats and create darkness.

Modern kitchen bar design in wood

innovative kitchen bar design bar chairs leather covered pendants

In the next selected picture, we see another bar made of wood, paired this time with work stool. Many of the wooden bars or dining tables are fitted with metal seat. It is not just the juxtaposition of warm wood and cool metal quite interesting, but also as the industrial-look metal chairs and stools an immediate “modern Vintage” effect creates.

Modern bar with work stool

innovative kitchen bar design bar stool white built-in wardrobes

Chunky is the word for this next room! The essential wooden curves of the bar below have an unfinished feel, the really top against the dark countertops are available. Ceiling lighting adds a little drama to do so. Traditional meets modern in the most unexpected ways.

Chunky Bar Design with natural wood

innovative kitchen bar design bar stool black wood roof sink

You have still no bar and no foreseeable plan? Get the look of the soda fountain bar stools by restoration hardware, inspired by 19th-century soda fountain stools are. Combining them with a wooden table, add some industrial pendant lighting and away you go. These seats are nice and padded for a comfortable contact!

Get a bar look for the kitchen

innovative kitchen bar designs bar chairs drop light/pendant white establishment

We see us “dark meets light” atmosphere in the modern kitchen below! A shiny bar in a rich shadow creates a wonderful contrast with white padded stools. You are not only padded, there is much back support. This minimalist space is visually striking, without being overloaded!

Chic kitchen bar

innovative kitchen bar design bar chairs gleaming furniture

Metal kitchen bar

Metal is smooth. It is modern. It is industrial. Metal is timeless! We love the look of the metal kitchen bar below, this is really a modern island with a sink. Two black and chrome stools complete the look in this seating area with the rest of the kitchen.

Metal kitchen bar

innovative kitchen bar design bar chairs black metal accents

Stainless steel is the perfect accompaniment to the bright blue cabinets in the next kitchen. In fact, this “bar for one” proves that even the smallest kitchen bar counter style enjoy! A leather stool adds warmth and interest to this creative space.

Bright blue kitchen bar

innovative kitchen bar designs metal tree blue surfaces

Bright and colorful kitchen bars

We now focus our attention on the light, bright and alive. Let’s start with the fresh look of the modern bistro cuisine with a marble island that serves as a bar. Earthy wood stool make it clear that this Bistro space is definitely the modern variety. Note the industrial trailer lights hanging from the top.

White marble island with wooden bar stools

innovative kitchen bar design bar chairs wood rustic modern

The modern Seattle loft kitchen below has metal pendant lighting and industrial stools. But these chairs have a modern sculptural element that can not be faked. Also, notice how the wooden seats warm up the strong glare of the area.

Smooth modern kitchen bar

innovative kitchen bar design bar stool white construction wood flooring

Further we get a dose of taxi-yellow with the sunny bar below. The perfect hue for the seats is white, because it stressed the sharp citrus and appearance of the room. And the dark wood details are a wonderful contrast to the lighter elements, which moderate the room as a whole.

Colorful yellow kitchen bar

innovative kitchen bar design bar stool yellow plate

Orange is the color of choice in the next. The bar not only boasts a shimmering fiery hue, but appears this color throughout the House. Note its presence in the dining room wall art, as well as on the great sofa in the living room. Black and chrome bar stools are an ideal companion, such as gold pendants lighting, which amplify the warm light of the room.

Orange kitchen bar

innovative kitchen bar design bar stool red sofa

We end with a striking room, dar white counter tops combined with chocolate accents. And don’t forget that the irresistible gray tone of the walls must be darkened a bit! There is just enough space for a two-Chair bar, which transformed this kitchen into a place of sociability, while the meal is prepared. Note the absence of disorder in this Interior, perfect for a room with a view!

White bar in a modern kitchen

innovative kitchen bar design white color modern interior

Do you have a kitchen bar in your home? How have you decorated the room? Let us know, how your look your bar stool! Say your opinion by leaving a comment below…

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