13 Classic And Creative Ideas For Kitchen Window

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creative ideas for kitchen window modern design wood natural light

Creative ideas for kitchen window

Do you love also the nice views out the window? I also, however, even if you see the neighbor’s House on the other road, it is nice to have large Windows. In the kitchen, which is also an outspoken advantage.

For this reason, you should use every occasion to conversion or transformation to set the position of the window at the lowest point.

The tips in this article may help you to increase your window area.

Over the sink

creative kitchen window rustic design sink cabinets

This is a classic solution that appears less and less in modern houses. Whether it is the cooking or washing, you spend a lot of time at the sink and that’s why the sight of a dark wall is just depressing. A beautiful view of the whole employment would make much more pleasant.

Among other things, this is also an economical solution, because the back wall is unnecessary in this case. In this case you must think only of a suitable protection of the bottom edge of the window against moisture.

Replace the upper cabinets

creative ideas for kitchen window modern traditional design bar stool backrest

Think about whether you not all upper cabinets would rather replace with window. So you could enjoy always a beautiful view. Are you afraid that you will have enough storage space? Consider the use of beautiful Pantryschränke on the inner wall. I think that would be the right space for a fridge.

Remove the clutter

tips for kitchen window modern design dazzling Orange barstools

Here is an example of a kitchen without upper cabinets. It has used many Windows instead of this. Stowed away you have the items in the kitchen island and in the lower cabinets.

Insert also floating shelves. These may be directly above the Windows. So the whole thing looks nice but the items should be really worthwhile.

Find original solutions for the storage area

creative ideas for kitchen window modern design black metal chairs

Be creative! You can hold wide the storage space in the kitchen, and have large Windows.

Opposite the kitchen island

creative ideas for kitchen window modern design bar stool leather seat

Treat yourself and your guests a nice view at dinner. What you can achieve with a solution as shown in the figure below.

Small window

tips for kitchen window modern design painted surfaces light

Can you install any big window because of building codes or other circumstances? Then consider whether you insert not small window right under the cabinets.

On the rear wall of the kitchen or the upper cabinets

creative ideas for kitchen window modern design square rear panel

The next photo shows us that even this solution works great. It also ensures more privacy, if you live on the ground floor, and often people walk past your House.

Find creative solutions

tips for kitchen window modern design white gleaming surface sink

Through those, you can have both wide window and protected privacy. You can think of different curtains or other mobile solutions. So you can have more light or more privacy and romance depending on the case.

Highlight interesting architectural elements

creative ideas for kitchen window modern design pendant wall cabinets

Through the window, you could attract attention to interesting architectural elements. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Bring more life to the corners

creative ideas for kitchen window modern design wood natural light

Often, the corners are easy to use. That’s why you could use there window, to make them brighter and more functional in terms of lighting.

Open your room visually

beautiful ideas for kitchen window industrial design Rails metal

Much better than mirrors help window for Visual enlarging of the space. It may be that you have slightly less storage space, but the beneficial effects of natural light makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Welcome the Sun

tips for kitchen window sink faucet drawers wood

Depending on the opportunity, the window on the sunshine should be related. The late East window bring lots of light in the morning and in the preparation of the dinner, the Sun will shine directly in your eyes.

The southern Windows are rather for the colder and the nördlichen – for the warmer climate matching

creative ideas for kitchen window flooring wood dining table stool

Do you want a nice feeling in every moment of your stay in the area? If so, then the investment of time and money is worth, in order to achieve this.

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