13 Creative Kitchens Designs, That You Really Like To Do

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creative kitchens designs wood countertop white furniture painted

13 creative kitchens designs, that you really like to have

Keep kitchen chaos and mess to a minimum with these great organizers and other time-saving features deny chaos

To search for the missing cutting board or dough roller, wasting not a minute on hands and knees in the kitchen. Built-in furniture and storage supplements can give you the perfect place for items needed for cooking. If everything is done correctly, will keep the storage not only your kitchen clean, but will make it as functional.

Are you tired to spend half of your time in the kitchen, to find what you need? These eight time-saving amenities can help you to Cook, to clean and to be well organized with little effort.

A drawer for the cling film

creative kitchens designs wood wall design cupboard shelf plate

Most kitchen owners are familiar with the irritating, messy drawers by plastic bags, foil and plastic wrap. It seems impossible to keep, and everything seems to be stuck in the drawer.

A food divider can easily slip into an existing kitchen drawer. If you are busy designing a new space, consider working with your furniture designer to get a customized version for one of your drawers.

A place for the dough roller

creative kitchen designs kitchen countertop white wood window

Enthusiastic bakers will love it, to have all their dough roller within easy reach. This horizontal slots do not exceed 15.24 cm deep, so that they can be easily added to end a Cabinet. But most must be designed custom, which increases the cost.

A pedal, the water – and turn off

creative kitchens designs snow-white crisp classic traditional

Turn the faucet with the messy hands can cause an even bigger mess. Plumbing pedals, like in this kitchen, can help to limit the chaos. Just like at the doctor’s Office, you can turn with the foot, the sink – hot water, cold water, or both.

Contact a local installer to ask for an estimate – pedals can be added to existing or new bathroom sink kitchen designs.


creative kitchens design mosaic tiles Brown nuances kitchen rear panel

A Unterbaukompostier-system such as this is called, that you all can wipe your leftovers from the racks and throw in the trash before it goes in the garden. Put one in your countertop where you make the most of your prep work, composting is easy to remember and to do.

A mixer garage

creative kitchens designs wood kitchen cabinets shelves

This surprising turn of the ordinary mixer rack helps to keep this device out of the way, but also easy to reach. Door stands a blinds style while the entire shelf pulls forward.

A mobile butcher block island

creative kitchens designs Waschmasische idea storage

A built-in butcher block top makes preparation easy – but some chefs prefer to keep it, if it is not in use out of sight. A mobile cooking Cabinet like this can be pulled out, while useful, and moved away when not in use.

A practical step ladder

creative kitchens designs extendable storage drawers

It’s always great to have a leg for extra high upper cabinets, but where on earth you should save the step ladder? An ultra-thin model can slip in a discreet drawer. This homeowner did it!

A specialized step ladder tray like this here is offered by many furniture manufacturers – if you are busy designing a new kitchen, be sure to inform yourself about this possibility.

A protected animal station

creative kitchens designs wooden worktop is livable Setup

The kitchen tends to be the best place for feeding the pets. A built-in feeding place keeps things neat and out of the way. This pet feeder has ever a drawer stacked the shell for treats, medicines, or linen.

Dark dramatic ambiance in the kitchen

creative kitchens designs dark ambience mosaic tiles kitchen rear panel

Bright pastel colors for the kitchen

creative kitchens designs dining area white furnishings

Feminine, pink kitchen equipment – brilliant surfaces

creative kitchens designs wooden pink wall accents feminine facility

Neutral color scheme in Brown shadescreative kitchens designs wood kitchen cabinets built a refrigerator

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