15 Gorgeous Kitchen Ideas For A Red Kitchen Rear Panel

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red kitchen rear panel fridge sink brick wallLast week we looked at a few great green kitchen back us. Today is about a different bold shade: red.

Actually work with this nuance is quite tricky sometimes especially when it is super bright and expressive nuances. It has combined it with many other strident colors and elements. The effect, which can be reached can be sometimes overwhelming and bright.

The key to this is to use the effect of the red color a bit too far. Therefore, the kitchen is an ideal place to add a hint of red color.

Look at the 15 beautiful examples below and I’m almost sure that you will find in one or more into it. Here, I mean the relevant information that is associated with the use of red colour, as well as the specific details, which you may incorporate into your kitchen.

Glass mosaicRed kitchen rear wall

red kitchen rear wall mosaic tiles wooden kitchen cabinet

They are beautiful and provide luster within this contemporary, light-filled kitchen. Red blends wonderfully with the wood tones, as well as with the white surface and the crispy shading of the ceiling.

The rear panel is by Crimson blend of Hakatai’atata.

Glass mosaic 2

red kitchen rear wall mosaic tile pendant wood ceiling

In this case one has linear brick-shaped stones rather than applied by the squares. The red spots correspond with the pendant lights over the kitchen peninsula. The latter contribute therefore to a sudden effect. For the back wall to use a mixture of colors and not just a single shade. So, the back wall less appears monochromatic and therefore modern. She seems to have a connecting function between different styles.

Here you can see the colourful facilities of the company work Ann sacks.

Double glazed tiles in red

red kitchen rear wall mosaic tiles white establishment

Do you like this kitchen, which has a garage door? There is so much natural light during the day! You can make the kitchen really bold and generous. This is due to the sense of abundant lighting in the room, which is caused by the inflow of light during the day from the window and the industrial character of the room in the evening. The tiles here have double glazing. You have between 5 and 10 cm deep and have a colorful interface. Obtained by this a simple mosaic look and subway-like format.

The tile art here is called pepper glaze and is the company of Heath ceramics

red kitchen rear wall mosaic tiles kitchen island sink

3D tile

I love this kind of tiles and the example here is one of my favorites. Niches and other wells will require certainly more trouble to clean. But I think that pays off quite effect through the WOW.

Back painted glass

red kitchen rear wall mosaic tiles fitted kitchen cabinet

Here is also an example of people who keep it rather simple in terms of making clean. We also here with a solution to do what lovers liked very much is the DIY. Necessarily looking for a suitable and experienced installer who will help you, Maß produced glass back wall to create.

Back panel: For a similar look you should look at Caliente by Benjamin Moore himself.

Backpaintes glass – version 2

Here you can see another gorgeous example: aura glass by Ann Sack. This material can be purchased in many different sizes. You can find 10 to 20 cm in the hexagons of various sizes and you can buy entire surfaces ranging between 60 and 100 cm.

Back in shimmering red colour with small mosaic pieces

red kitchen rear wall kitchen Chair leather upholstered

Achieve the look of a solid wall of glass with the shimmering texture of glass mosaic. You can do this through these small tiles. The great wall Shimmers and brings shine to the elegant cuisine.

Shimmering back within a neutral kitchen

Here we see another version of the tile by artistic tile. I like the way you kept really bright, cool, and of course the kitchen range. So the hot and shimmering back wall is a Central Office.

In the picture: modular gloss mosaic in red hot Mamma miles of the company of artistic tile

red kitchen rear wall mosaic tile sink refined flowers

Play with the dimensions

I recommend you to play with the different scales. Because there are so many options that fall outside the usual framework.

Do the big

red kitchen rear panel is shiny smooth tiles lighting

Go generously through the subway tiles. Here not hot look these tiles within the kitchen?

In the example here: Mekong tiles in original style

Fancy shapes

red kitchen rear wall tiles vintage hanging pans

Who actually says that the rear wall must be rectangular? These tiles here show a more organic, round form. Thus, to reach a vintage flair.

In the picture you can see health ceramic tiles

red kitchen rear panel fridge sink brick wall

Failed Forms – version 2

I like the irregular, random and square shapes, as well as the subtle color variation between the different pieces. They require thick mortar lines. So make everything according the guidelines of the manufacturers for a flawless effect.

In the picture: Trento Damasco ceramic mosaic tiles by Porcelanosa

red kitchen rear wall sink flooring wood refrigerator

Translucent glass mosaic

These tiles would work wonderfully with different design styles. You can find both traditional and contemporary styles. Also a good amount of organic red color can be used. So, to reach a wonderful harmony with the wooden floor and the cabinets made of this material.

Pictured here: Tessera glass mosaic tile red #077 iridescent from Oceanside glass styles

red kitchen rear wall smooth tile plate racks

Glasstäbchen – 2

So a cool solution in red color, isn’t it? This one has as a charming, modern twist. You can reach a vertical or horizontal execution. In this case, it has opted for the first option and doing the ceiling appear higher.

Glasstäbchen – 3

red kitchen rear wall tiles window daylight sink

Here is another example of linear mosaic with beautiful color. The white mortar help that this rear panel with the white surface harmonizes well.

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