15 Interesting And Practical Ideas For Old Fashioned Kitchens

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old fashioned kitchen brick wall kitchen mirror

Vintage kitchen ideas – practical ideas for old fashioned kitchens

You see how vintage kitchen items can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any kitchen! Keep track of our colourful image gallery and you will see for yourself!

The vintage style is clearly in this renovated kitchen, thanks to the materials used. A new brick wall behind the kitchen stove reminiscent of the colonial era, although the hob combines a gas and an electric oven. A decorative wooden mantel hides the hood and the fittings, bronze lamps and from Cabinet of polished soapstone round out the look.

Old fashioned kitchen overlooking the stove old-fashioned kitchens kitchen cabinets white furnishings

This cuisine owes its great vintage look the beautiful white kitchen cupboards. A wall full of glazed cabinets is centrally located here, immediately catches the eye and reminiscent of oversized classic storage units from the past. You can see the beautiful glassware and Dinnerware collections freely through the glazed doors.

Kitchen with classic details old-fashioned kitchens classical motifs elements

Small details make this kitchen cozy. See how here the hearth looks and makes us feel as if we we were in a holiday home. Traditional simple cabinets and a vintage sink complement the functional simplicity here. The soil in the made of brick pattern completes the look.

Electric kitchen in a classic style old-fashioned kitchens eclectic style

Experiment with different struktrellen elements of vintage to express your own style in the kitchen. This fresh and ambulatories looking kitchen begins with the vintage elements at the top, on the ceiling, with a grid in white. The hanging lights enhance the luxury feeling of old and a primitive Chinese altar table is used here as a kitchen island. His rustic wood surface contrasts with the smooth stainless steel appliances. The bar stools are covered with pressed crocodile leather, which represents a different element of the vintage kitchen furnishing style.

Kitchen island with classic design

crisp old-fashioned kitchens design white cabinets glass spices

Garnished with green-grey soapstone, this kitchen island is both gorgeous and practical. Offers plenty of space for the preparation of meals and has a small sink.

Old fashioned style kitchens and dining area old fashioned kitchen dining area cooking area

Imagine, this old-fashioned kitchen serves delicious home-cooked food! It’s always a pleasant experience!

Classic features include the glass-enclosed kitchen cabinets. The House dates from the 1920s and has other elegant elements from that era, such as travertine tiles, countertops and colorful tiles in the kitchen.

The chef’s kitchen in a classic style Cook cuisine old-fashioned style kitchen design

This beautiful kitchen in old fashioned style offers enough work surfaces and storage opportunities. Glazed upper kitchen cabinets show sets of fine Chinese porcelain and other tableware collections discreetly, a marble slab on the kitchen island complements the sophisticated look of the area where you work most likely much.

Kitchen island in cottage-style

farmhouse dining table kitchen island old fashioned

How do you add vintage style to a kitchen? By adding an island, the old and new links.

Painted kitchen cabinets

colored countertops kitchen old fashioned

The lower kitchen cabinets are painted and lacquered against fingerprints. Here we used polished granite instead of marble – what is a typical element of the vintage. The wood floor appears and adds a lot of warmth in the kitchen and into the dining area connected.

Old and new kitchen

old new kitchen design old-fashioned white fruit bowl Grün Apfel

This cuisine owes her good looks from a mix of vintage-style elements and new industrial equipment. The island here is for example very old, was formerly used in a bakery, but is now cleaned and polished and is again in use.  Here you will find an interesting mix of old and new, which complement each other.

White old-fashioned kitchen

old fashioned kitchen island idea Grün Grau

The vintage-style of kitchen cabinets in the kitchen gives me the feeling I was in the last century, but the new stove and the modern kitchen appliances are a clear sign of high-tech functionality.

Kitchen tiles in the background

old-fashioned kitchen tile kitchen mirror gleaming white

How to create a vintage design with new materials? Here creates the shiny uneven texture of the ceramic tiles of of depth of this feeling of surprising in the otherwise smooth arranged kitchen. A small window is available through the modern cooktop, which flooded the entire kitchen with natural light.

Vintage kitchen renovation old-fashioned kitchen renovation redesign

The House is very old, from the 1860s, looks but today quite classic and inviting after a thorough renovation. The white top cabinets fit perfectly with the old-fashioned glass, while the lower cabinets to accommodate new and modern kitchen appliances. A massive, dark kitchen island is placed in the middle of the kitchen, which offers enough seating and storage space. It has used classic hardwood as flooring, using a brick around the island.

old-fashioned kitchens element modern look look Classic decorative elements

old fashioned kitchen idea inspired detailsDie vintage-inspired details of this kitchen add much heat in the room. A practical table on wheels offers additional counter space.

Classical elements, modern look

modern elements old-fashioned kitchen idea design combines

The renovation of a kitchen requires compromises sometimes, but these homeowners have everything they want. You need to add anything. The renovation is the vintage style. See the individual details: French door handles on the cabinets, a pot rack from the ceiling, a farmhouse sink and lime stone countertops! Simple, but practical!

A picture of that time – kitchen design in retro style

old-fashioned kitchens design retro style

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