17 Kitchen Mirror Ideas For More Comfort And Livability

Editor   June 10, 2016   Comments Off on 17 Kitchen Mirror Ideas For More Comfort And Livability

Kitchen mirrors that radiate heat

The modern kitchen mirror 2016 radiate much heat. The glittering materials, which are very important for the propagation of light dominate. Also, designer choose bright colors that make sure that the room with warmth is fulfilled.

Even the cuisine mirrors, which are carried out in bright or pastel shades, correspond to these properties.

We want to already show that with the first examples in our today’s article.

Kitchen mirror in light shades

The bright kitchens are always bright and elegant. They form contrasts to bright accents, which are also typical for the modern kitchen design.

Metal mosaic

If your kitchen should be “different”, the Metall–ľosaik ideas were just installed. They are modern, striking and have the great advantage that they appear different depending on the Modeler and surrounding furniture.

Kitchen mirror with metal gloss

kitchen mirror kitchen back wall shiny wall tiles pendant light bulbs

Shimmering kitchen rear wall

The rear wall of the kitchen can be not only brilliant, but shimmering. That is certainly a good idea if you often gather together in the evening with friends and would like to have a bar atmosphere.

Fire in the kitchen

Burn your heart in the kitchen?

Cook Si0e like? Would you, this is the warmest room in your apartment? How do you get the idea to attach red tiles for the kitchen mirror? Select those which have a glittering effect.

Make your kitchen rear wall in fiery colours!

kitchen mirror kitchen back wall mosaic wall tiles red white kitchen cabinets of kitchen island bar stool red metal

Kitchen mirror glass

The glass kitchen mirrors offer many advantages over those made from other materials. They visually extend the room and are easy to care for. There are kitchen mirrors made of glass, which are available in some kitchens for generations, but their good qualities are even more pronounced than before. This is a good reason that they decide when their current kitchen design.

Colorful tiles

More likely to prefer the Joie de vivre of the super warm broadcast? Opt for colorful cuisine mirror design. This could be achieved through varied decorated tiles, or but’s floral or geometric patterns in various colors may be used. That is a hot trend this year, which remains well long.

Orange stimulates the appetite and brings good mood in the room

kitchen mirror kitchen back wall Orange wall tile white kitchen cabinets pendant light gold

Kitchen mirror in black

Maybe we have a little surprise you if we have added the black kitchen mirror to the list. Yes, even kitchen mirror in black can have a particularly warm aura. That might be impossible some years ago. However, there are so many shades of black. Thanks to this fact and the varied textures, black can be very inviting. We would recommend such kitchen mirror in bright ambience and there you should make by adding other shades for a balance. For example, a kitchen design in black and white is very up to date this year.

Muted colors combine with white

kitchen mirror kitchen back wall mosaic look wall tile marble work surface

Black and Maroon color duo

Here is a great example of the innovation in the colors, which show known phenomena in a whole new light. The combination of black and pastel chestnut is one of the most successful versions for the kitchen design, which is there at all.


No overview of modern and warm kitchen mirror passes the wall design in beige. Play with the ornaments and combine with other colors for a very original effect.

Beige with light wood and metal in one

kitchen mirror kitchen back wall tiles round dining table kitchen kitchen cabinets

Very classic black and white

kitchen mirror kitchen rear wall tiles work surface black white

Blue yellow love

kitchen mirror kitchen rear wall mosaic look blue, white wall shelf

River stone look wall tiles bring rustic mood

kitchen mirror kitchen rear wall tiles riverstones optics wall decoration

If you are on the classic mosaic

kitchen mirror kitchen rear wall tiles mosaic look

mural mosaic tiles kitchen mirror kitchen rear panel

Country-style kisses far East flair

kitchen mirror kitchen back wall checkered pendant rustic dining table sofa designer chairs

Put a few fresh color accents!

kitchen mirror kitchen back wall small wall tiles white orange kitchen cabinets

Introduce more balance with neutral colours

kitchen mirror kitchen back wall mosaic wall tiles kitchen utensils

Do you retro refrigerators?

kitchen back wall black wall tiles yellow retro fridge

You can’t go wrong with a balanced combination of white and light gray

kitchen mirror kitchen back wall wall tiles mosaic model grey white kitchen cabinets kitchen island

Kitchen mirror provide more dynamic in the area in a patchwork look

kitchen re wall wall decoration wall decoration patchwork look

Valuable materials and fine textures for the kitchen design with style

kitchen mirror kitchen back wall wall tiles mosaic

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