20 Cool Snack Ideas From Singapore

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snack ideas kawaii Bento rice food recipe

Healthy snack ideas for your little ones

Bento is the traditional lunch box to work like every day with taking with Japanese. Usually includes this rice, noodles and green algae. The variant, which is artistically decorated is very popular. Often well-known characters from cartoons or books serve as motives. These Bentos were originally designed as a snack ideas developed for the children and are called Kyarabens or Charabens. Their main goal is to teach the little playful a healthy way of eating. The food are prepared very carefully and with love and not only tempting look so, but are also very healthy to do so.

Cute Panda snack ideas

snack ideas Panda Sushi Japanese food art

Exactly for these reasons a young mother from Singapore has chosen, with original Kyarabens to surprise their children every day. It all started in 2008. Was Ming’s eldest son still in kindergarten and he missed his MOM violently. So the clever idea occurred to her, to prepare funny Bentos for him and to show him their love and affection. So many teddy bears and kittens made rice, sushi snacks in form of pandas and many other creatures, as well as familiar characters from Japanese and Chinese animated film. Soon ming had so many photos collected by their creations, that it is considering to summarize this in a blog. Thus, it was also Bentomonsters.com. Since you can get at any time original snack ideas in the Asian style.

The little Prince and his Fox

snack ideas the little Prince Fox curry rice

In addition to the typical Asian film characters like Totoro, kawaii, Pikachu, and Gudetama you can find international celebrities like the Ninja turtles, Harry Potter, the little Prince, and Star Wars characters. As ingredients, culinary-gifted mother and blogger uses mainly rice, steamed vegetables, green dried seaweed (Nori) and many other healthy foods prepared and selects them with lots of love for their children. So she is happy and relaxed and can be sure that the kids in school get healthy food and always thinking about it.

Watch this 20 great snack ideas and visit ming, if you like, on her blog. There you will find still more current culinary ideas that will surely inspire you. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

Surprise your child with sweet Ninja turtles!

snack ideas recipe Ninja turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle

For true Harry Potter fans

snack ideas Harry Potter lunch eating spaghetti of salmon vegetable algae

Little bear rolls

snack ideas small buns Japanese recipe Bacon

Cute little piggy for lunch

snack ideas small buns piggy food art

The funny Gudetama egg from Japan

snack small bread Bacon Gudetama Zeichentrichfilm figure

Matcha Affogato in shell

snack ideas bear wooden shell Matcha Affogato

Baymax Maccha pudding

snack ideas Dessert recipe pudding Baymax Matcha

Baymax picnic Bento

snack ideas rice caviar green salad spaghetti Baymax picnic Bento

Disney Tsum Tsum dango

snack ideas rice recipes meat sauce Disney Tsum Tsum Dango

Colorful Donuts – Pu of the bear and his friends

snack ideas recipe Donuts Pooh bear Tiger

Pikachy snack ideas

snack ideas Spaghetty Pikachu tomato sauce

For small Star Wars fanatics

snack ideas of Star Wars characters Stormtrooper Bb8 Bento

Delicious sushi recipe – Disney Tsum Tsum

snack ideas sushi recipes Tsum Tsum Disney cartoon characters

Classic sushi and kitten

snack ideas sushi recipe Japanese food art cats

Delicious Totoro rolls

snack ideas Totoro rolls snacks bread

Round Totoro cake

snack ideas Totoro chiffon cake cartoon character

Matcha latte marshmallows kitten

snack ideas white cats marshmallows mouse Bacon Matcha tea

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