20 IKEA Kitchen Ideas – The Latest Trends In 2016

IKEA kitchens modern 2015 light wood fronts work surface modular kitchen

What you need to know absolutely about the new line of kitchen from IKEA

Is a new kitchen a wonderful resolution for next year, right? Are you also this opinion? Maybe to think also to IKEA and its new models? This year, we experienced a large cast of the kitchen line from IKEA. The new trends continue in 2016. If you so no longer have deals in recent years with the subject of kitchen design, we would now like to inform you about some news in the kitchen design.

Why did IKEA decide at all, right now to change your kitchen models?

The AKURUM kitchen system was there for more than 20 years. It worked very well. People found it practical and beautiful. Why you decided now, to change this kitchen system?

IKEA Kitchen design 2016

IKEA kitchens modern 2015 section white high-gloss fronts kitchen island bar stool

The answer is that the new IKEA kitchens are much conversion enabled. The customization options are doing almost cluttered. Infinitely many elements can be taken out or replaced.

In addition, the environmental protection aspect plays a role. The new IKEA kitchens much be produced more sustainably. Still they are equipped with mechanisms, which allow the saving of resources in everyday life.

Refer to how to save water and electricity.

Discreet IKEA kitchens – the latest trends

IKEA kitchens modern 2015 Wei yellow minimalist style high gloss fronts section

The modular system

The old IKEA kitchens were no longer suitable for far too many premises. However, the new modular systems in every any kitchen can be placed.

The functionality is developed, but less dominant

The functionality of kitchens continues to play a leading role at the new IKEA. Nothing has changed. This is of course, because the functionality is ultimately the reason why people choose for the universal IKEA kitchens.

Traditional flair with modern touch in light grey and anthracite

IKEA kitchens traditional design anthracite color industrial style brick wall look

The modern functionality of the new IKEA’s kitchens at first glance hardly noticing. It is perfectly hidden behind aesthetic solutions! If you buy one of the new IKEA kitchens, have you a wonderful aesthetic solution.

An other kitchen Planner

The kitchen Planner is also quite different than at the old line from IKEA Kitchen. The transfer from the old to the new models is virtually impossible.

Dark wood and ducks yellow high gloss

IKEA kitchens modern 2015 dark wood fronts yellow accents Decoist

For those of you who prefer masculine

IKEA kitchens modern 2015 dark wood fronts of cupboards hood Cabinet

Light wood and light construction with style

IKEA kitchens modern 2015 light wood cabinets fronts of minimalist design

Unpretentious and rustic in white

IKEA kitchens modern 2015 light gray color cabinets kitchen cabinets

Lightness and elegance in silver

IKEA kitchens modern 2015 metal gloss Matt fronts hood open shelf

Ergonomic and hidden

IKEA kitchens modern 2015 dustbin dishwasher

Are you on the nuances of grey and concrete look?

IKEA kitchens modern design grey high gloss fronts open shelves

Or do you prefer the darker shades?

IKEA kitchens modern Glittran dark wood kitchen fronts

Straight lines and Northern clarity in the design

IKEA kitchens modern Nodsta drawer fronts doors cabinets white

Subtle colors and traditional style

IKEA kitchens traditional light grey cabinets fronts

Live close to nature

IKEA kitchens modern traditional design white natural houseplants natural wood

Kitchens sophistication in polar white

IKEA kitchens modern white Grytnäs fronts glass doors

A tribute to old times

IKEA Kitchen traditional Metod white Kroktorp doors fronts ivory

For real fans of the industrial style

IKEA kitchens traditional design anthracite color industrial style

Or maybe you are looking for more rustic romance?

IKEA kitchens traditional design fronts white Metod

Kitchen inspiration in black and white

IKEA Kitchen traditional design new model white cabinets gold gloss fronts handles black desktop chess Matt floor tiles

Module kitchens for more color and dynamics

IKEA Kitchen traditional design new model white section

Steuerwagen and white the eyes relax and soothe the soul

IKEA kitchens traditional design new Metod Grün white wardrobes fronts

Image source of inspiration: www.ikea.de

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