22 Original And Practical Ideas For Kitchen Floor Plans

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kitchen layouts black furniture brick wall kitchen rear panel

Useful and functional tips for kitchen floor plans

In a kitchen, which has multiple doors, was the best solution to create an island. The room is 6.60 X 3.90 m tall and can be divided into 5 zones: cooking, food storage, baking, breakfast and preparing meals + clean up. Wide aisles between the individual areas for good movement were necessary in – and out of the kitchen.

The area that actually, of the chef’s domain, is housed in a separate niche and is located away from the busy routes. The chef and guests can easily converge on the island, with a lateral casing of the sink. There are also the seats for a group dinner.

The fridge and microwave are placed on the opposite side of the island, very convenient for those who want to take drinks and snacks during meal preparation. A pantry in the corner is roughly the same far away like the island or the refrigerator so that the food products are accessible and tangible.

The island has been designed by the generous lines of the worktop, a cooking unit – ideas for kitchens located there opposite floor plans

kitchens plans white kitchen countertop drop light/pendant

Just a few metres away from the adjacent garage – that makes this kitchen wide enough for an island that is the center of the cooktop. The room has also a good ventilation, in this way which eliminates the need for other ventilation devices. You were only a Visual barrier in the center of the kitchen.

The island has been designed by the generous lines of the countertop, there to a cooking unit is located. There, the kitchen sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave are housed. This combination of the main kitchen equipment – all over the hob – saves the cooking energy.

The working surface here 4.50 X 5, 40 m tall, is open to the dining area, where you can organize informal meals or parties. There is the dining room available for more formal occasions.

L-shaped island floor plan, which is very popular in the modern design

kitchen floor plans wood idea flooring stained kitchen mirror tiles

This kitchen has an L-shaped island plan, which has become very popular in modern design. The configuration accommodates a long island, surrounded by 2 pages of the actual kitchen, then the area mostly on one side to neighboring areas is open. In this case, a partition divides the kitchen from the dining room. The two rooms retain their identity.

The long L-shaped of kitchen island divides the room into 2 zones – one for cooking, food preparations and clean up, and another for the storage of food. The island serves as a way station, a stopover between the zones.

This floor plan is well suited also for several cooks and helpers, because there is as much storage space for all. Guests who do not help, can converse on the island with those who have what to do.

The island is a common area, a space for the preparation of food

kitchens plans wood white kitchen island idea compact practically

This plan is idea very near the L-shape, but there is a shortening of the leg cut by L. This makes easier moving 3.60 X 5, 40 m large kitchen and opens it to the residential / Famielienraum.

The island is a common area, a space for the Seisenzubereitung on the side of the chef, where there is also seating for guests, viewers and casual visitors evening. A quick pass-through between the kitchen and the dining room is used as a pantry. It includes a wine cellar, where it deposited wine bottles and glasses.

Thats a galley plus an island institution plus – kitchen floor plans

kitchen floor plans wood kitchen island white dominant color Dining chairs black

This is a galley plus an island institution even where the only wall of classic galley with the parallel island is linked. The result is a first step to more efficient efficiency in the kitchen.

The kitchen – sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave are all close to each other on the same wall with the cooktop on the island. The island offers good storage space and also seating and a wine cooler.

In contrast to the old galley kitchens are located basically in the rear of the House, is this 3 X 3, 30 m large kitchen part a great room floor plan, of a living, dining – and includes Familienzimmen.

kitchen floor plans wood idea light virtually compact with 40 inches between the worktops, a person must do only one step to get to the next switch

Take Island – Plan a galley – plus and a long dining table, add a third section – then get a trifecta of kitchens efficiency in a 5,10 X 6,60 m large room. This design is based on the 40-inch rule, and has been adapted by some restaurants. With 40 inches between the worktops, a person must do only one step to get to the next switch.

The island offers good seating for dinner, on the one hand, here is a table for 6-8 persons.

From the point of view of the Cook, the area with the refrigerator and the sink is a narrow triangle, and saves the filter faucet on the hob also unnecessary back and running her through the kitchen.

This layout offers space for additional space on the work plate and it is wide open to the adjacent dining room

kitchen floor plans wood white flooring light compact equipment

Submitting to the central island by more than a L and less than one this plan space can provide for more space on the worktop U and he is wide open to the adjacent dining room.

The plan is clearly divided, the fridge and the pantry are the food storage area. An area is intended for cleaning with the sink and dishwasher, and then comes the area for food preparation, cooking, which is located on the long wall. The dishwasher is hidden on the side of the chef on the island.

For informal dining, a small dining area is even here at one end of the room, with a window view. On official occasions, it is directly in the adjacent dining room. The open space in between is the ideal place for guests to chat with a wine glass in his hand.

Kitchen floor plans – a wall houses the refrigerator, stove and built-in oven

kitchens plans wood idea glass front kitchen sink kitchen unit

This is actually a u-shaped floor plan, agreed the efficiency and the familiarity of a galley kitchen with the openness of the contemporary blueprints.

A wall is home to the refrigerator, stove and built-in oven. There is also a pass-through instead of to the adjacent living room, which has a very handy feature, especially at family gatherings and celebrations.

The sink shares the second wall with the dishwasher, where a practical cleaning zone is formed.

A 2-level island large kitchen, which offers space for the Cook, the food/drinks – making facilities and also a guest bar rounds this 3.90 X 5.40 m. From the island, the Cook can be a part of the conversation in the living – / dining room and stay.

kitchens plans white furniture practical idea the devices on the island sink, stove, refrigerator – make a perfect right angle triangle

This L-plus – Island – plan is the epitome of efficiency and simplicity. The devices on the island sink, stove, refrigerator – make a perfect right triangle so that the Cook has easy access to the three major kitchen appliances.

If the kitchen is open to the living room / family room, then the island draws the cooking area of course the guests, but their size cover. The refrigerator is positioned so that everyone – family member or guest – something it can take without entering the cooking zone.

The island is virtually a kitchen for himself, with a sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, drawers and microwave

dining area kitchen monochrome chromatic colors window Hell Licht

A u-shaped layout around the island is very popular in the kitchen and the two long legs of U in this 4.50 X 5,70 m are particularly long, large room extra dimensioned to meet in the middle of the island.

The island is virtually a kitchen for themselves, with drawers, sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave oven and it is complemented by a few seats at one end of the island. It is a perfect place for children and guests to use, while the cooks working on the two long walls. A wall is for cooking – there is the hob and a separate oven – while the opposite wall for cleaning, there is room for the sink and dishwasher.

The refrigerator in the corner is accessible to everyone. A drinks station, equipped with an another sink, built-in coffee maker and a wine cooler, fills out the short end of the U.

Kitchen floor plans – glass surfaces

kitchen floor plan system white furniture black glass textures

This is peninsula with its characteristic – a peninsula – a rare P-shaped floor plan, the English word begins with the letter P.

An L-shaped section the peninsula connects the opposite wall and the island. One leg of the L is the cooking zone, where a hob is mounted with two built-in ovens. The other leg of L is the cleaning zone, where the kitchen sink and dishwasher are placed. The opposite wall is used for the storage of food, with a cooling and freezer at one end and the pantry at the other. The peninsula is home to the education Cabinet, as below but also the microwave is mounted.

The island is suitable for various activities – here you can work, organize informal meals with family and friends or simply entertain themselves.

L-shaped kitchen design – wooden furnitureL-shaped kitchen design wood dark kitchen floor plans

The form of this layout is something more than an L, but not quite a U. The plan is similar to a galley kitchen. It is immediately striking, it lacks an island here.

With a width of 3.30 metres, the room was too small to build a typical island.  The width is then compensated in the length – the kitchen is 6 m long. This enables a long wall in the kitchen area. At the end of the room to use even natural light, there is also a magnificent view out of the window.

stone wall mounting fireplace white dining chair kitchen countertop the kitchen is L-shaped in plan and is complemented by a small island

The architecture often dictated the shape of the kitchen. In this case here, the homeowners wanted to get her old massive House fireplace from the 18th century, so they created a 10 X 7.80 m big combined kitchen and dining area, which is located on both sides of the hearth and adjacent to the living room.

The kitchen has an L shaped plan and is complemented by eune islet. It is located next to the fireplace and offers additional work surfaces and storage space. Home owners and guests can circulate freely between the kitchen and dining room, of course around the fireplace.

module order system kitchen dining room blue kitchen furniture kitchen floor plans the sink ‘floats’ position in the middle of the room as in a restaurant

The work zone of this kitchen is an efficient 2-wall – galley with fridge, hob and ovens, over the sink. The kitchen sink ‘floats’ position in the middle of the room like in a restaurant. This was followed by a quiet zone that is open to the dining room.

Separating the dining area from the kitchen by a partition wall

kitchen floor plan system original kitchen floor plans

Only a few people want that their kitchen is quite separate from the dining room, and not everyone like to see the two rooms joined together. There’s a solution – the partition! Provides a clear boundary between kitchen and dining room and preserved the openness of the spaces.

ultra-modern idea kitchen brilliantly original wood flooring white kitchen floor plans here is at the end of the inside wall of a dining bar that connects the kitchen to the adjacent living area

Galley – kitchens are usually very comfortable, that does not mean of course, they must be tiny. A dining bar that connects the kitchen to the adjacent living room here at the end of the inner wall. At the other end of the kitchen is a door that leads to the dining room.

A single window illuminates the entire cleaning area

roof window black kitchen countertop kitchen cabinets compact elegant

The floor plan of this spacious kitchen is determined by the location of a single window that illuminates the entire cleaning area. The kitchen is an open dining area, there is enough space, you can meet on various occasions, entertain, and of course it also deliciously Cook and eat!

Kitchen island in the Middle

set up kitchens design floor plan idea kitchen cabinets kitchen floor plans

This kitchen has a large u-shaped floor plan with an island in the middle. The hob takes one side of the island here, the other is intended for the seating of the guests.

Are exactly in the middle of the dining table and chairs

dining area dining furniture Wall shelves Dinnerware yellow colors kitchens floor plans

The food is the focus of most kitchens, but in this it is literally at the Centre – the dining table and chairs are placed right in the middle of the almost square 4.80 X 4,50 m big area.

Compact, white kitchen area for young family fit

dominating accent white modular wood dining table kitchen floor plans

A u-shaped plan often opens the kitchen to a dining area or family room, but in this 6 X 4 m large kitchen that is not the case.

White, practical galley in the retro-style set up

white furniture kitchen fresh fruit idea design original kitchen floor plans

Many u-shaped kitchens contain an island which houses also the microwave oven and the wine cooler in their midst.

kitchen floor plans plan system wood kitchen furniture

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