40 Refrigerators – Variety Of Designs For A Spectacular Kitchens

Fancy design refrigerators and ideas for integrating

The lovers of unusual design can mean real happy. The manufacturers offer products more and more for them. The only problem is that the design of products, such as refrigerators , are still pretty expensive. It stays that way, but certainly not for long, we hope. Leave in the meantime watching us some great examples. You can decide whether it is worthwhile to spend some extra money. You may get inspiration for a DIY but also easy project with the refrigerator in your kitchen. So stick with it – it’s worth!

Refrigerators can remain today hidden away in the kitchen

refrigerators compact beige kitchen cabinets bright floor tiles

Refrigerators with modern functions are preferred

design fridge silver green kitchen cabinets mosaic tiles white floor tiles

Modern refrigerator in fresh paint revitalizes the kitchen

design fridge light blue kitchen cabinets kitchen re wall ideas

Design of refrigerators, which are reminiscent of old furniture

In the latest series of design, retro style dominated refrigerators. Until some seasons ago was limited often only on the bold colors and the ancient rounded designs. Addressed but now really failed in terms of their design. We see many retro refrigeratorsthat look like fine historical furniture. You are super fit for houses, which have a historic and luxurious character and show yet contemporary look. The technique is often hidden behind panels in fine materials. While you can choose like wood.

Light green refrigerator inscribes itself in a white kitchen

refrigerators retro fridge strips carpet colored bright floor

Modern fridge design with a retro touch

In the above examples, it was so that the modern technology remains hidden. She was covered in precious materials and you could hardly see them. One could identify these models in many cases at first glance not as refrigerators, but as fine pieces of furniture. In another series of retro and design, exactly the opposite is true refrigerators. It has ultra modern technology and design, but to integrate also a retro aspect to make the whole thing more interesting and original. Most of the time is to change the color, but also to a certain final touches in the design. For example, the super modern fridge can instead of square, slightly rounded be shaped.

Retro refrigerators are characterized by their color

design fridge of retro refrigerators red model white kitchen floor tiles

The refrigerator looks strange in light pink, but great comes to the fore

refrigerators light pink retro fridge flooring kitchen open living plan

Blue accents in the Brown kitchen

design fridge retro model light blue wooden floor küchendesign sunflowers

Horizontal designs

Sometimes, a very simple idea is enough so that the design of a kitchen appliance totally original works. We are accustomed to see the refrigerators in a vertical form. But what happens if you suddenly horizontally positioned them?

Smart refrigerators

The smart technologies are already in the kitchen. And just in the fridge, they make a great sense. Because here our food be stored correctly. The temperature and relative humidity, as well as other factors depends on their quality. It makes a lot of sense, these characteristics using smart technologies to regulate.

Refrigerator with glass doors allows you to see what is inside

refrigerators modern practical kitchen ideas

Modern features combine with modern vision

refrigerators silver smart kitchen pendant light grey

Integrating you sent them, so that they are easy to control and still look to forcibly create a modern and original design. In many cases alone make smart refrigerators original and modern technologies.

Built-in refrigerator saves space

refrigerators modern stylish simple design of kitchen island bench seats

Which line of design would you choose for your kitchen refrigerators? Or stick to the conventional solutions?

The refrigerator looks stylish in dark grey

design fridge kitchen set up küchenräckwand mosaic tiles

The refrigerator is the accent in this modern kitchen

design fridge kitchen set up dark floor tiles light decor

Choose the best design for your own kitchen

modern kitchen ideas decoration design fridge

Spice up the fridge with cool pendant lights

design fridge pendant light kitchen back wall kitchen island küchendesign

Black fridge may never go unnoticed

design fridge black stylish black kitchen cabinets

Design refrigerators in silver

design fridge silver Brown kitchen cabinets recessed dining area

Convenient handles make the design preferred

design fridge silver kitchen worktop made a

Large fridge gives you more freedom

design fridge silver small kitchen set kitchen island wheels

White kitchen with Silver accents

design fridge silver kitchen back wall kitchen island-white floor tiles

Choose the most suitable color for your kitchen design

design fridge white kitchen cabinets color contrasts

design fridge white kitchenette set beige paint

refrigerators design great functionally virtually home ideas kitchen

refrigerators yellow refrigerator small kitchen set

refrigerators glass door white kitchen cabinets darker ground formed a

design fridge large floor tiles open living plan

refrigerators kitchen set light green kitchen cabinets light pendant

design fridge functional kitchen ideas

refrigerators white modern kitchen kitchen island bar stool white floor tiles

refrigerators modern properly integrate floor tile white kitchen cabinets

refrigerators red refrigerator black accent wall stone wall

refrigerators black refrigerator rustic kitchen small kitchen island

refrigerators white coloured wall tiles floor tiles hanging lamps

refrigerators black refrigerator white metro tiles wanddeko rustic elements

refrigerators silver color stylish kitchen island hardwood floors

refrigerators silver mosaic tiles wall decoration kitchen

refrigerators silver kitchen steel kitchen island flowers dekoideen

design fridge silver smart model strips carpet

refrigerators stylish design black floor tiles small kitchen

white refrigerators white fridge dining room furniture plant

refrigerators home ideas kitchen modern design stone walls large floor tiles

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