A Country-style Kitchen Contributes To The Warm Family Atmosphere In Your Home

Inspiration and tips for your country style kitchen

Modern style of living and country home items not mutually. In the kitchen already not at all. Here they come together even naturally. Because the kitchen has always been and remains the place where gather family and friends and spend happy moments together.  At the same time we cannot do without in this room on the innovations in technology and furniture.

The combination of contemporary interiors and country house elements appears so natural in the kitchen.  There’s a few rules that make this concept easily viable.

Remain modern for the layout

Country-style interior

Country-style kitchen – let you merge the kitchen and the dining or living area to a whole

kitchen rustic Brown

We should be necessarily modern at the layout. The open plan allows the parallel realization of different activities. You can still communicate with your guests and at the same time Cook, throw an eye on the kids and so on.

Or you can secrete the zones by country house elements

Kitchen island highlighted by wood chairs

The country house items are wonderful for to separate different zones from each other visually. The kitchen and living room or dining area can be visually separated by such elements. Still, you can highlight the kitchen island, which may at the same time serves as a dining area, with a few bar chairs made of wood or similar material.

Mix the styles in the design of storage space

a modern gerúmiges House

Country-style kitchen – can rustic kitchen look amazingly modern if you correctly combining the design styles

modern kitchen in country house style

modern kitchen

So established can but a kitchen space quite fragmented fill themselves. Avoid this by the mixed stylistic execution of certain aspects of the establishment. Interior designers recommend the parallel use of country house and modern materials in the design of storage space. With these, you can combine both styles by combining modern and traditional forms.

The typical country house elements must be particularly attached, where we have large modern electrical and kitchen appliances. For example, it would be very useful to install a huge modern fridge cabinets from retro materials or in classic country house style.

Country-style kitchen – color inspiration

Country house food ideas

The combination of Brown and white is considered a classic


Wooden elements must in any case be included

Country-style kitchen

Classic, but at the same time modern

lanhausstil kitchen modern design

The colour scheme is crucial for the good appearance of such an eclectic mix. You need something that will remain current for many years. The color palette must fit well to the two styles and at the same time welding them together. A good example is the pairs of white and Brown. For the kitchen accessory and the accessories, you can introduce effects, metallic – materials and colors. Create a beautiful room dynamics, by you in some places illustrious and other – rough surfaces use.

DIY and Museum works

diy kitchen

DIY lights for your rustic kitchen


The presence of objects with a value of Museum is typical of the country house style. These and the DIY elements are an important part of your decoration concept.  Good ideas would be decorating ideas with driftwood, DIY lighting antique table lamps.

Imitation or Visual emphasis of elements of building construction – free-standing tubes, column, bar, or brick walls also belong to this category.

Accents in natural shades

mix modern elements in the lahdhausstil items

In a kitchen with a country house and modern elements, the accents are a tricky point in the interior design. You may be assigned clearly neither the one nor the other style. Some modern colors here to help. Run a couple of chairs and cushion in shades that Act currently, but at the same time very natural. This applies to many blue and green nuances, such as Mint or light blue.

Convincing functionality and a warm atmosphere

spacious country kitchen

Country-style kitchen – a warm family atmosphere

wood chairs in a country-style kitchen

In a modern kitchen with cottage-style, the functionality and the warm atmosphere of a family rule elements at the same time. During the everyday use of the kitchen determined additional things you notice, which they further emphasize both. Do it quietly so that your concept is even more persuasive, and more beautiful.

Country-style kitchen – using more natural materials for a cosy atmosphere

stylish kitchen

If you choose white color, then you can add later so many different colorful elements

the scrupulously colors are white and brown

Very simple, but stylish

White country-style kitchen

Brown and white are a classic combination

kuecehninsel by highlighting chairs

food in a modern style

Country house design for the kitchen

Country-style cuisine innovative