A Flexible Kitchen Design – Open Floor Plan With A “Close It Off” Option

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a flexible kitchen design light wood open beam ceilings

A flexible kitchen design – open floor plan with a “close it off” option

In today’s world, there are more and more fanatic for open housing plans. You want to demolish as many walls as possible and gain more space. But at the same time, this leads to many unpleasant moments. Often, you want to have more privacy, and they don’t want to observe that the process of cooking of all.

Still, you don’t want the smell of food spreads throughout the House. Would you not even like some tips for occasional closure of the open plan of kitchen for specific benefit information?

Back up options

How about one or two sliding doors in the room with the installation? So, you can determine when you can enjoy the benefits and the freedom of the open living plan and when you want to lock in the eyes of some visitors or other family members.

You should close this part of the kitchen in my opinion which is exposed to the most the views of the people. There can be the area next to the main station and the sink. The rest could remain also open.

Chic solution with rustic flair

a flexible kitchen design white sliding door

If you want to interlock not light access you could install glass doors

a flexible kitchen design sliding door from frosted glass

So, you would Dodge also the feeling that you are completely cut off from the rest of the House.

In the figure you can see folding doors next to the kitchen island

a flexible kitchen design folding door and recessed

This one here has a hybrid “Open-close” provide kitchen.

The Visual closing

Here we see a very cool option for a contemporary roof space. You can see curtains made of wire mesh. Hardly the kitchen can go more easily from “Open” to “Closed”. You have here still have a sense of openness, but the disorder is also hidden.

It also serves as a signal that it wants no observation during cooking for visitors,

a flexible kitchen design privacy screen from transparent curtains

In the next illustration, we see a solution, where the chef is separated and is still a part of the party. The peninsula has blocked access to the kitchen and this half closed effect is reinforced by the presence of the cabinets in the upper pane.

Bright mood, warm light designed by guest architects

a flexible kitchen design warm and bright kitchen mirror In the marble look

Make above the kitchen island

You might feel disturbed less by promoting people’s access to your kitchen, but by the need to hide the dirty stuff again and again.

The higher front the kitchen island will help you to hide this

a flexible kitchen design kitchen island with sink of shiny bar Chair from metal

Another option with fresh, delicious colors

a flexible kitchen design hell lime cabinet system

The colorful squares of carpet and the large grain of a parquet provide a pleasant dose contrast

a flexible kitchen design square patterned carpet

Half wall

So a wall can reasonably close views of the dirt.

The contact with guests is very easy in this case

a flexible kitchen design Metallglänzender fridge

Bleed the scents

No sealing the kitchen can replace the wealthy a ventilation effect. Think of a good fume extractor and let this good specialists consult with you.

The modern concept of the kitchen says openness! But here you have creative manner halfway or at times also the privacy protect. Today displayed solutions are interesting, but we expect the designers much more in the future.

a flexible kitchen design pendant lamps In the industrial style

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