A Very Easy Pancake Recipe For Real Connoisseurs

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The pancake recipe, you need

Sometimes, the hook is in the simplest and even well known things. So, it looks even if it classic Pancakes for this recipe. Each of you has eaten pancakes certainly often in his life and in the wide range of variants. , As they are called here in Germany, there are the pancakes with sweet as well as savoury taste. In this country, one prefers the pancakes often simply pure, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. As the Apple and the Blueberry pancakes are some of the most popular sweet variants. Also the pancakes of American style, which are known as “Pancakes” are a classic. These are usually served with maple syrup and fruit salad. Pancakes are smaller and thicker in comparison with the German variant, in whose preparation much simply use more flour.

Very popular hearty varieties of pancakes are for example the ricotta cheese Apple Crespelle and the trout Crêpes with fennel. If you belong to the real pancakes fans, you should try this in any case.

Delicious pancakes in rolls

pancake recipe classic Pur

Pancakes are popular in many countries, they simply vary from country to country. As they are called in France Crêpes. They baked wafer-thin and the dough is much smoother. You will find the Blinis in Russia, in Italy the Crespelle, in Austria, Hungary and many Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria the pancakes. The last are also quite thin and served simply with everything.

You will be surprised every time on the new, which rich selection there exists

pancake recipe cake chocolate fruits

For each project, no matter how complicated it is, you need but always the first step, the base. That is what today with us. We recommend a classic pancake recipe, on which you can build at your whim. Have fun and be creative!

200 g flour
2 eggs
200 ml milk
2 TBSP sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 tsp baking soda
Oil or butter for frying

Summery lightness and healthy freshness

pancake recipe cake

How is it done:

1 step:

First, beat the eggs and sugar. The mixture should be creamy and evenly. Stir the milk and stir vigorously.

2 step:

Then stir the salt, the flour and the baking soda and stir further, until a smooth dough forms.

3 step:

Let the dough about 20 min.

Nourishing with bananas and honey

pancake recipe banana honey milk

4 step:

Coat a Nonstick Skillet with oil or butter out and heat on medium level. Using a ladle, pour a portion of the dough.

5 step:

If small bubbles on the top form, the pancake is fried enough and must be used. Bake until golden brown, then the other side.

Very suitable for children birthday

pancake recipe donut shape icing

A little tip:
If you’re particularly airy pancakes, separate the eggs at the beginning. Beat the egg white stiff and lift the snow finally under the dough.

It looks very simple, or? We wish you a good luck and of course good appetite!

Pancakes speciality of the class

pancake recipe fine gourmet specialties

Maple syrup and berries for breakfast

pancake recipe fine gourmet specialty

Blueberry pancakes, American-style

pancake recipe breakfast Blueberry butter orange juice

Pancakes with blue Berry jam – the classic

pancake recipe Fried Blue Berry jam

It’s time for something savoury

pancake recipe savoury butter

Whole wheat pancakes as the slightly healthier alternative

pancake recipe classic honey

The mini versions are also quite irritating

pancake recipe mini variant powdered sugar

Delicious aesthetics to Christmas

pancake recipe dessert idea Christmas

Special ideas for special occasions

pancake recipe Red Raspberry Vanilla sauce

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